Julissa Lancour

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Julissa Lancour


Having spent over a decade as a crime scene investigator then unit supervisor, Julissa has extensive experience in crime scene investigation and has been considered an expert in both local and federal courts.

She began her career as a forensic technician with the City of Virginia Beach in 2011. In her time there she processed thousands of crime scenes ranging from property crimes to violent crimes, suicides, officer involved shootings, and homicides. Julissa also specialized in video evidence recovery and processing and became a LEVA certified technician (the first in the history of the Virginia Beach Police Department) and court expert in crime scene investigation and video forensics. Julissa transitioned to supervising the crime scene unit of the Suffolk Police Department - which remains the only ISO 17020 accredited crime scene unit in the state of Virginia. While there, she was responsible for the oversight of crime scene technicians performing crime scene investigations, latent fingerprint examinations, and digital forensic examinations and was responsible for scene investigation of officer involved incidents. Julissa was also the quality and technical manager, responsible for ensuring the unit kept up with the requirements set forth by the international standard.

Julissa has also provided, created, and coordinated training in crime scene investigation and scene processing to a variety of professionals in law enforcement and forensic science including multiple police agencies, medical examiners and death investigators, and for the US Navy. She also had the opportunity to instruct a forensic investigation summer camp for students in India. She served as the chair of the Chesapeake Bay Division of the IAI’s student development committee, is a peer reviewer for Forensic Science International and the Journal of Forensic Identification, and is an ANAB certified technical assessor in the crime scene investigations field.


MS, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2011

Major: Forensic Science

BS, Mercyhurst University, 2009

Major: Applied Forensic Sciences



Forensic Science Internship, Summer 2024


Forensic Science Internship, Summer 2024

FSCI 4200

Medicolegal Death Investigations, Summer 2024

FSCI 3820

Crime Scene Investigation Techniques I WE, Spring 2024

FSCI 3820

Crime Scene Investigation Techniques I WE, Spring 2024

FSCI 3300

Forensic Photography, Spring 2024

CJ 1350

Introduction to Forensic Science, Spring 2024


Research in Forensic Investigations, Spring 2024


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Lancour, Julissa (Author Only), AAFS Conference 2011, "The Use of Hyperspectral Imaging for Ballpoint Pen Ink Differentiation", AAFS, Chicago, IL. (February, 2011)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Lancour, Julissa , "Latent prints visualized by dew" . Journal of Forensic Identification.
Lancour, Julissa , "Book Review of Forensic Reconstruction_ From Theory to Practice" (Issue: 1 e). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
Lancour, Julissa , "Evaluation of Full Spectrum (IR/UV) Photography to Visualize Latent Fingerprints on Difficult Surfaces" .
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Joy, Jessica , Cox, Jordan O, Hudson, Brittany C., Lancour, Julissa , Miller, Marilyn T, Cruz, Tracey Dawson, (2020) "Comparison of Cyanoacrylate Fuming Techniques of Bloody and Latent Fingerprints and the Examination of Subsequent DNA Success" (Issue: 2, vol. 70).


Adjunct Faculty Teaching Achievement Award

Tidewater Community College - May 8, 2024

Adjunct Faculty Teaching Achievement Award_ Awarded to members of the adjunct teaching faculty whose performance in the classroom or other instructional environment best exemplifies effectiveness in promoting student achievement.

Faculty Senate Outstanding Adjunct Professor for the 2023/2024 Academic Year

Tidewater Community College - May 8, 2024

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