Remote Computer Access

1. Get Campus VPN Access

You are required to use the Campus VPN in order to access the lab computers.

To gain access to the Campus VPN, visit and accept the agreement. You should be granted access within 10 minutes of accepting the agreement. If there is no button to accept, then you already have access.

Please follow the instructions for your operating system to connect to the Campus VPN:

If you have any other questions regarding VPN access, please contact the Service Desk (801-863-8888) for assistance.

2. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is required to connect to open and academic labs. You can download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Apple App Store for Mac devices or from the Microsoft Store for Windows devices

3. Get Remote Access to a Lab Computer

Depending on the lab you are needing access to you will visit one of the following sites:

If your lab is not listed please try Citrix for additional software.

Open Labs Dashboard

You should arrive at a page that looks like the screenshot below:

Open Labs Access Dashboard

From here you can choose the lab you need access to from the list of labs on the lefthand side of the page. After you have selected the correct lab you should have a list of available computers that you can remote into. Select the computer you would like to use by clicking the blue "Connect" button.

You should be presented with steps on how to connect to the computer. Press the blue "Download" button to get started.

Connect to computer

Find the download in your computer's download folder, and click on the file to launch the remote session.

Download the connection file

A Remote Desktop Connection prompt should pop up. It should look something like this. Click Connect.

Publisher is unknown, connect anyway

You may need to type in your UVU ID and Password.

If you still can’t connect, type ad\ before you type your UVU ID in. For example, if your UVU ID were 12345678, you would type ad\12345678.

At this point, your remote session should begin.

If a prompt appears that says “The computer is already in session,” then it means someone else is already using the computer.

Please exit your session quickly to be courteous of the other user and select a new computer to connect to.