Snow Removal Procedure

During winter months the entire Landscape Maintenance crew is divided into “on-call’ teams of 5 to 6 employees. After normal work hours, it becomes the responsibility of Campus Police to call in the on-call team at the first sign of accumulating snow. If the snow is too difficult for the 5-6 on-call employees to manage, the entire Grounds department will then be called in. However, if the on-call team is doing well to stay ahead of the snow by clearing main lots and the peripheral roads, the rest of the crew is usually scheduled to come in at 4:00 am for normal snow removal and ice melt applications.

Our goal is to have all of main campus, UVU West, the BRC, Lake Mount Manors, Geneva Dome, AX building, and Fire Science plowed and salted by 7:00 am.

Our crew of professionals are always ready for any Utah storm!

Clearing snow near Pope Science building

Personal shoveling snow

Person pouring salt on walkways