June 2021 Project Updates

Project updates

  • Irrigation pump station repairs (by ponds) Need new flow valve. Expected completion July 1
  • Irrigation sister station repairs (lot 26) . Needs new motors. Expected completion July 1
  • The Grounds department is currently in the process of procuring a new updated irrigation control system. Our current control is extremely outdated and procuring this new technology will allow us to have real time data. Some of the new features will automatically detect main/lateral line breaks and has the ability to self-shut off.
  • Practice soccer field new irrigation lines. This will allow the Athletic Department the ability to put up a  windscreen surrounding the entire practice soccer field.
  • New intramural natural grass playing field off Geneva. Start date July 1.
  • Tree Care plan initiatives across campus to help remove Sycamores. For every 1 tree we remove, we plant 2 on campus. Our newly purchased tree management software, TreePlotter, will help support our tree care plan. We are currently in the process of manually inputting data of our entire urban canopy into this program. Below is a snip of a high-level view of the great possibilities withing the program.. By the end of the year we will have removed 80 dead sycamores and plant 160 new trees of various species across campus.
  • Composting program to begin reusing UVU’s own green waste as fertilizer. We are in the process of converting the compost to eventually fertilize our grasses, trees, shrubs and flower beds. We are looking for ways to combine efforts with other departments to use our own resources to produce great compost. For example, the cow manure at the Geneva rodeo grounds can be used as a source of nitrogen, supporting the overall composting process.
  • Less Chemicals. We are always looking for ways to reduce the use of chemicals that are spread throughout campus. One example is this last winter, after each snow storm, you may have noticed our sidewalks appeared more brown in color. The reason for this was we switched our ice melt to a more natural-organic blend and saved approx. 30,000+ tons of chemicals (decreased chloride and alkaline) from being spread across our campus.