Water conservancy initiatives and updates

Our grounds team is on call 24/7. We welcome and thank you all for informing us of any issues that may arise on campus. Water conservancy is our top priority especially as we work together to get through the drought. 

If you see something, say something.

Our campus police patrol campus throughout the night notifying us of breaks. We have the ability to shut off problem areas remotely. 


Over the last few weeks, our irrigation team has been working tirelessly to rewrite programs and adjust station run times to adhere to Governor Spencer Cox’s executive orders. At the same time our main irrigation pump house (located by our ponds) are having pressure build up issues which causes the top half of campus (SA, EE, NC,GT,FC,CS,LC ) to have a reduction in irrigated pressure. Currently we are working on repairing two ‘booster’ motors which looks like we will be up to full speed next week. 

In line with the Governors orders, main campus and outlining homes/buildings are now programed to run 2 times a week. We substantially reduced the amount of daily ‘spot’ watering of burn areas and are working every day to ensure all water stays off after 10am, and to run before 6pm. The only exception to daytime spot watering is for new sod/plants/tress. Fortunately, we are now in a position where our newer trees and shrubs that were planted before the executive order are being watered by hand. This is much more efficient, and we look for ways to incorporate this practice moving forward. 

New Sod on Campus: All newly laid sod can be found at this time under the pedestrian bridge and east of the BA. As soon as the sod takes root, we will scale those respective stations back immediately to eliminate the daytime running.