Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Curriculum Committee

Chair: Evelyn Porter

Kevin McCarthy (CHPS);
Nicholas Ball (CET);
Chris Witt (SOA);
Krista Ruggles (SOE);
Carolyn Hamilton (WSB)

Special Topics and Investigations Committee

Chair: Sandie Waters

Formed as needed.






Service and Elections Committee


Joy Cole (CHPS);
David Morin (CHSS);
Sebastien Tauzin (COS);
Dan McDonald (CET);
Christopher Young (SOA);
Caleb Stanley (SOE);
Abdus Samad (WSB)

Retention, Tenure, Promotion and Appeals Committee

Chair: Suzy Cox

Allison Swenson (CHPS);
Lyn Bennett (CHSS);
Mike Bunds (COS);
Barry Hallsted (CET);
Lori Brandt (SOE);
Lisa Lambert (UC);
Cenk Caliskan (WSB)

Additional Senate Committees

Advancement of Teaching

Chair: Denise Richards

Joy Cole  (CHPS);
Anton Tolman (CHSS);
Angie Banchero-Kelleher (SOA);
Marc Jorgensen (UC);
Heather Wilson-Ashworth (COS);
Suzy Cox (SOE);
Jonathan Allred (CET)


Council on Academic Standards

Chair: Dianne McAdams-Jones

Francine Jensen (CHPS);
David Morin(CHSS);
Daniel A. Stephen (COS);
Owen Peterson (CET);
Gareth Fry (SOA);
Mike Patch (SOE);
Tom Henry (UC);
Maureen Andrade (WSB)



General Education

Chair: Eugene Seeley (WSB)

Ross Hagan (SOA);
Matt Duffin (CHPS);
Makenzie Selland (SOE);
Stevie Munz (CHSS);
Heath Ogden (COS);
Owen Peterson (CET);
Jacque Preston (UC);
Eugene Seeley (WSB)



Additional Faculty Committees


Chair: Kathren Brown

University Course Materials

Chair: Seth Gurell


Chair: Sean Tolman

Academic Calendaring

Co-Chair: Sandie Waters and Tiffany Evans


Academic Scheduling

Co-Chairs: Jessica Hill/Tiffany Evans


Academic Program Assessment

Chair: Jon Anderson


Course Fees

Chair: Shauna Reher


Graduate Council

Chair: Jim Bailey


Merit Pay Guidelines

Chair: Jon Anderson


University Course Materials

Co-Chairs: Seth Gurell and Mina Wayman


Writing Enrichred

Chair: Elena Garcia


Workload Taskforce

Chair: Hold Election Fall 2020


RTP Advisory

Chair: Matt North