Mobile Food Business



Mobile Food Business- a business that serves food or beverages from a self-contained unit that is a motorized vehicle or a trailer.  The term “mobile food business” shall not include vending carts or mobile ice cream vendors.

Mobile Food Businesses are subject to licensing requirements by the City and the State.  Mobile Food Businesses require approval from UVU Dining Services and locations coordinated with UVU Event Services prior to operation at any UVU owned or operated property. 

Mobile food businesses and/ or Food Trucks are not permitted in any building owned or operated by Utah Valley University. 

Exception:  mobile food trucks with approval of the UVU Fire Marshal that are for display purposes only and have had propane tanks and/ or generators removed from the truck.  The display of a food truck must then comply with the standard set forth concerning vehicles for display purposes.

Mobile Food Business and/ or Food Trucks shall be limited to outdoor use in approved locations and meet the following requirements:

  • (a) All mobile food businesses shall have a currently tagged five (5) pound ABC fire extinguisher.
  • (b) Any mobile food business producing grease laden vapors shall have a Type I hood with an approved     fire suppression system. The hood shall:
    • (i) Be UL listed.
    • (ii) Meet the applicable NFPA standards.
    • (iii) Be installed, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.
    • (iv) Be tagged with a current inspection tag by a licensed fire suppression inspection company within the State of Utah.
  • (c) The hoods and ducts shall be cleaned according to the manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • (d) Any mobile food business producing grease laden vapors shall have a currently tagged Type K fire extinguisher.
  • (e) All electrical outlets within six (6) feet of a water source shall be GFI outlets.
  • (f) No propane shall be stored inside of the cooking and passenger area of the vehicle.
  • (h) All generators and propane tanks shall be located in an area that is protected from access by the general public and in such a way that it is properly secured to prevent accidental tipping and/or vandalism.
  • (i) Mobile food businesses may be inspected by the UVU Fire Marshal.
  • (j) Placement of the mobile food business shall be approved by the UVU Fire Marshal and shall not be altered without approval of the UVU Fire Marshal.
  • (k) Mobile food business shall not be located within 10 feet of another mobile food business.