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For more than 80 years, UVU has served as a beacon of hope, promise, and potential. YOUR support of students has a ripple effect, not just for today, but for a lifetime. The opportunity provided to students through your support will transform, enlighten, and impact the world. With your gift, UVU will continue to empower students of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.
Scholarship funds will help first-generation students in overcoming barriers to staying in school and fulfilling their dreams of obtaining an education. We invite you to make an impact today by selecting the I AM UVU Legacy scholarship from the dropdown menu below.
Proudly display your dedication to supporting student scholarships by purchasing the I AM UVU Legacy distinction cord (green/black) to wear with your graduation regalia. Please select the distinction cord from the dropdown menu below and choose any donation amount above $25. Please note that $10 is the fair-market value of the cord and is non-charitable.  You will be notified after purchase where to pick up your graduation cord.
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Other Ways to Give

Every gift is meaningful and appreciated. You are welcome to make a donation of any size to support our students. If you'd like to create a legacy, please consider signing up for a monthly recurring gift that will have a lasting impact on future students and educators. Together, we uplift, provide exceptional care, and inspire students to be their very best.

For more information on ways to establish a legacy gift, such as through a will, bequest, trust, annuity, or IRA rollover, please visit uvgift.org.

If you prefer to donate via check, please make checks payable to UVU Foundation and mail to the address below. Please list "I Am UVU Legacy Scholarship" in the memo field.

UVU Foundation
800 W University Pkwy MS 111
Orem, UT 84058

UVU employees are welcome to sign up for payroll deduction using the Employee Giving form.

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Legacy Cords Pick-Up Instruction

Cords will be available for pick up during the week of Grad Fest at the Annual Giving Table.

Following Grad Fest, cords will be accessible for collection at the Young Living Alumni Building, located at 1062 W 800 S, from 9 am to 5 pm (M- F).

For further assistance, please reach out to [email protected]


First-generation Success

Hello graduates. I'm honored to join in on congratulating all of you on this momentous. Achievement. Completing a degree alone is no small feat and here you've been able to do that. All while navigating probably a million other responsibilities. I admire your drive and perseverance, your grit, your willingness to continue your academic journey.  

Despite even the most uncertain of circumstances, a year ago, we had the largest graduating class in UVU history with over 8,000 graduates. Like President said, this year, we again have the largest graduating class we've ever had with over 11,000. Graduates Wolverines.  

Wolverines, thank you for making UVU look so good, especially on a day like today. You are all an inspiration to future Utah Valley University graduates. And I can say that with confidence, as one of those Wolverines who is so deeply inspired by you, like many of you graduating today I am a first-generation college student.

I'm the daughter of Mexican immigrants who pushed me to pursue education in all the ways I had access to it. My parents and siblings have given me everything they could so that I have the tools to pursue my wildest dreams.

UVU quickly became a part of those dreams, but I didn't know that immediately. In fact, there were very few times I actually allowed myself to dream, because I refused to set myself up to be disappointed. As I reflect on my experience at UVU all I can think to describe it as is the word growth. It seems simple enough. Even the university is experiencing tremendous growth with our new facilities and programs, but when you're in the thick of it, when you're in the trenches, it becomes easy to get caught up in the future and ignore the progress, you've made to get where you are right now.

You might be thinking about the next degree you’re pursuing, or the job you're going to apply for or where you're going to dinner later. But no matter how hard we try, and we've seen this evidence over the past two years, it's kind of impossible to know exactly what the future holds.

If you're anything like me, one day, you're crying in the parking lot because it's your first day of college ever and you can't find your car and another, you're a junior dancing in the very same parking lot with President Tuminez as she welcomes everyone to their first day of the semester.

One day you think you'll be lucky to get hired anywhere after graduation and the next you have the internship of your dreams. One day, you're sure you'll make it through college with your head down and your grades high. And the next year, addressing the entire graduating class of 2022.

The grade part also did not pan out entirely as anticipated. One day, you're pulling all-nighters to get through finals week, just itching for graduation to come. And the next you're here. When I first came to the University, I didn't yet know what it was like to dream, but UVU showed me how. One day you realized that you are the dream; that right now in this moment you are the dream and Wolverines, I hope that you find that today is one of those days for you. Felicidades and congratulations class of 2022.



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