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The UVU Office of Education Abroad facilitates opportunities for students to academically engage with the world outside of the United States. Students who work or study abroad return as different people; their eyes are opened to another way of thinking and learning. They experience personal growth, gain intercultural development, and have an edge in employment opportunities in this ever-increasing global economy. You can help the Office of Education Abroad promote international activities, cultural awareness, and global competencies by making a donation to the Study Abroad Scholarship Fund. Your gift will help students by reducing the costs of international travel and study programs. 


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Every gift is meaningful and appreciated. You are welcome to make a donation of any size to support our students. If you'd like to create a legacy, please consider signing up for a monthly recurring gift that will have a lasting impact on future students and educators. Together, we uplift, provide exceptional care, and inspire students to be their very best.

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If you prefer to donate via check, please make checks payable to UVU Foundation and mail to the address below. Please list "Study Abroad" in the memo field.

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Inspiring Student Stories

Students who travel the world are never the same again.

Study abroad finland

Traveling Adventures

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The study abroad program provides the opportunity for students to experience the world while participating in educational experiences that enhance their career opportunities and provides insight into different career paths available. Read inspiring stories from some of our participants.


2018 UVU Peru Spanish Language and Culture Summer Program

“This study abroad has definitely been a great benefit to me personally, professionally, and academically.  I was able to personally increase my knowledge and experience of the Peruvian culture and my ability to speak and understand the Spanish language.  Professionally, I am better able to relate to Spanish speakers, (especially from Peru∫), and take that experience to my Spanish-speaking job at home.  In the academic sense, I was able to relate many of the classes I have taken throughout my program as I participated first-hand on this study abroad.  Many connections were made to issues that I have previously studied and I now have more topics on which to study and expand other research.”


2019 UVU Italy Art History Summer Program

“This has honestly changed my life forever. One thing I've noticed in particular (and something both family and peers have noticed as well) is a massive increase in both confidence and self-esteem. Leaving the country and engaging in an entirely different culture with other students as I studied art history really fundamentally changed who I am and how I view the world and those around me. I'm also much more open-minded and less critical of others.”


2020 UVU New Zealand Emergency Management January Program

“Personally, taking time to step away from everyday routines provides opportunity to reflect upon one's life. Professionally, contacts for the master's degree as well as for my current UVU department were obtained. Academically, research materials were gathered that I would otherwise never been aware of obtaining.”


Study Abroad Korea

2021 ISA – South Korea Summer Program

“This trip was wonderful in so many ways but perhaps the most impactful was how I believe it will affect me professionally. Being the only student from Utah on the entire trip was very interesting. It allowed me to meet people from all over the states and even several other countries. As well as the students on the trip being in another culture were such a great opportunity. As I worked on learning the language. I was able to make connections and learn a lot about how important clarity is in life and potentially in the workplace. The fear of being wrong was replaced with the need to try. I was also able to work as a contract employee for ISA while abroad. I hadn't planned on applying for the position as I was not completely qualified but I applied regardless and after the interview was offered the job. Through this trip I was able to gain a lot of confidence about putting myself out there and being willing to understand perspectives outside of my own. My perspective has widened and I am much more understanding of different races, religions, sexualities, and much more because of the conversations and interactions I was able to have on this trip. I believe this trip has given me skills that will make me not just a better employee but a better person overall.”


2022 Finland Education Summer Program

“I was able to compare systems in American to Finland. We were able to talk with teachers, administration and students about their experience in the classroom and their required education to become a teacher. It was an amazing experience as someone who wants to be a teacher, I learned so much and I feel like this experience will help me in my future as an educator. I was able to visit four countries that I had never been to before in a way that was culturally and educationally stimulating. I had a great time with visiting the schools, sightseeing and meeting new people!”

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