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My name is Bryan Waite; I am a professor in the School of Education and the Director of Global/Intercultural Academic Programming here at UVU. This page will provide all the information you need, along with instructions to complete the Global/Intercultural (G/I) distinction. The G/I distinction is geared toward students who wish to have a structured emphasis on global, intercultural, and issues of diversity during their collegiate career. This distinction offers students an opportunity to interact with ideas and people from a wide range of backgrounds. Students gain skills and resources that will enhance their ability to engage successfully with a diverse range of people throughout their personal and professional lives. This is an unique program that helps you gain global and intercultural competencies and teaches you how to showcase those skills in your future career. I am excited to work with you in this program! If you have an questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

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By implementing the Global/Intercultural requirement, the University underscores its commitment to valuing global/intercultural opinions, backgrounds, traditions, perspectives, and experiences. Utah Valley University recognizes that fostering an intercultural learning curriculum and an understanding of, and appreciation for, a variety of cultural perspectives and experiences is an essential element of higher education.

The Global/Intercultural Committee is responsible for the oversight of the G/I Requirement.

Committee Members

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