Network & Telecom Services


Network & Telecom Services is a group within Information Technology at Utah Valley University. Our team works with the Campus Community, UEN, MATC, and the Events Center to provide wired, and wireless network. Our network engineers are highly motivated to promote, and sustain education by removing technological obstacles, and collaborating with the campus community to provide technology solutions.  We provide network access that is secure, highly available, and stable, so online services like email, and Web applications can be easily consumed with little disruption.

  • We work with UEN to provide network access to the Internet.
  • We work with the University Community, and other IT departments to give network access to servers, and other online resources.
  • We provide the foundation of network connectivity and online services to UVU, and our customers.
  • We are tasked with enabling, and supporting education.
  • We work hard to have a balance between network security protection from potential threats, and connectivity, usability.
  • We engineer solutions to overcome technology problems, not create to technology problems.
  • Our Mission is to provide easily accessible, secure, reliable network services through high availability and stability.
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Kurtis Olsen portrait

Kurtis Olsen

Network & Telecom

Brian Peterson portrait

Brian Peterson

Network Architect

Cameron Jarman portrait

Cameron Jarman

Sr Network Engineer

Jeff Nyman portrait

Jeff Nyman

Wireless Network Engineer

Open Position

Network Engineer

Steve Dohner portrait

Steve Dohner

Network Engineer

Bobby Carbine portrait

Bobby Carbine

Fiber Engineer

Steve Reich portrait

Steve Reich

Network Specialist

Geoff Osborn portrait

Geoff Osborn

Telecom Specialist

Natalie Healy portrait

Natalie Healy

Telecom Tech

Darvin Burgess portrait

Darvin Burgess

Telecom Tech