Success - Daniela Godoy

Success - Daniela Godoy

Daniela Godoy chose to study criminology at Utah Valley University because she thinks it is the “best thing ever,” she said. Her actual major is biotechnology with a minor in forensic science.

“I picked my career when I was a sophomore in high school,” she said. “During high school, I went to a technical school. I liked the idea of being able to create something and help people. I knew there were a lot of pathways for that.”

Her choice of the forensic pathway was probably influenced by the fact that she grew up watching TV shows like “CSI,” “Criminal Minds,” “ER,” “Cold Case” and “Forensic Files.”

“It was interesting, knowing why someone dies, and working on the lab side,” she said.

She chose UVU because of its reputation in the field. She has been happy with that decision, gotten involved with campus life, and is preparing to begin her sophomore year. She was recently elected to be the vice president of membership of the Women of UVU association.

“I was looking at scholarships and a lot mentioned Women of UVU and the Women’s Success Center,” she said. “I really like there was a space on campus focused on women, where they could go and get mentored.”

Her family moved to Utah from Maracaibo, Venezuela, when she was 14 years old, and has been here for eight years.

“I knew a little bit about English when we came,” she said. “I jumped into school two weeks after I got here. In my country, I was in the middle of my ninth-grade year. They put me in the eighth grade. It was kind of a setback, but that is where I was supposed to be.”

“Venezuela is a most dangerous country and we had to leave,” she said. “It hurts to know that the place that made you who you are, where you have all your memories, is in total chaos. We still have friends and family there. We are able to have some contact with them, but it is hard.”