Service-Learning Superstar Award




Emily Portrait


Emily is an Assistant Professor in the Digital Media Web Developer and Design program. She is also a proud Wolverine and graduated in 2009 as one of the first graduates of the newly created Digital Media department.


In fall 2018, Emily accepted a full-time tenure track position at her beloved alma mater, UVU Digital Media department. She continues to follow industry shifts in technology and emerging markets to help prepare students for the ever-changing digital media world.


Emily teaches multiple service-learning courses in her department and uses supportive strategies to help both her students and service-learning partners to have meaningful learning experiences. Several of her service-learning partners have been so pleased, they have been working together over multiple semesters. 


Some examples of service-learning projects and deliverables from her Adaptive Media II course are listed below.


Gibbs Smith Team A: Social media content of the book Wild Spaces using panoramas of real locations. An e-book version of Little Naturalists: Wangari Maathai Planted Trees and engagement with planting a tree in Africa (the students made a little website component to allow the reader to donate a $1 to plant a tree, just like the protagonist in the book).


Gibbs Smith Team B: The team created an activity kit of the book Fascinating World of Astronomy. The kit has the students build their own telescope, a constellation chart based on the artwork, stickers, and a paint set. Students designed everything, including the packaging.


Timp Cave: The students created an asset library and templates to help the Timp Cave education team to engage with teachers about their cave programs. They researched how to leverage social media with hashtags and types of visual content. Then provided templates and recommendations based on their research.


UVU Marketing: DGM students put their UX skills to work to redesign the UVU Students Page. They used research and testing to determine the most logical and intuitive design layout.