Partner with an Executive to Help You Shape Your Future

Regence BlueCross BlueShield and Utah Valley University (UVU) have partnered on a mentorship program that provides students at UVU with expert career advice from local executives empowering students to guide the discussion around their development and career goals.

Applications closed  

  • One one-hour meeting per month with your mentor
  • You work with your mentor to set up the time and location of the meetings. Some meetings may be located in Salt Lake County


Click on each mentor's photo to learn more about their role at Regence. You will be expected to choose the top two mentors you are interested in meeting with on the application.

Mentors Available 2023

Doug Boudreaux headshot

Doug Boudreaux

Vice President, Sales
Work experience:
VP Marketing & Government Relations
Regional Director, Marketing and Sales

I have mentored many college and graduate students, as well as young professionals, in my 30-year professional career.  I also spent more than 10 years teaching as an adjunct professor at the University of Utah and two years teaching at Salt Lake Community College. Not only did I mentor my students, but I usually hired students as interns and sometimes as full-time employees. As a mentor, I strongly believe in providing opportunities to problem solve and “own” various projects. It’s important that they learn by and through experience, not by simply observing. 

Jennifer Olsen headshot

Jennifer Olsen

Director of Account Management
Work experience:
Account management
Managing a team

This will be my first mentoring experience and I look forward to the opportunity. I expect those that I mentor to drive our agenda with topics, interests, and goals in order for our time together to be productive.  I can provide guidance; interviewing skills, managing, and coaching a team, customer retention, building and fostering relationships, balancing internal relationships, and adapting to changes in within the organization.

 Stephen Foxley headshot

Stephen Foxley

Government Affairs Director
Work experience:

I look forward to engaging with someone who shares an interest in building a career that makes a positive difference for their company, the state, and the people they serve through work. I will be most helpful to someone who knows what they are passionate about. Advice and counsel about education goals and building on-the-job skills comes standard.

Participating Mentors

Anthony Dowidowicz portrait

Anthony Dowidowicz

Executive Medical Director

After medical school I completed residency training in emergency physician.  While practicing I held roles of progressive responsibility in physician leadership including serving as the chief medical officer of a provider system. I then attended the MIT to study business management while doing advanced health system research. As a physician leader at Regence, I’m able to impact the lives of many people while making meaningful change in healthcare. In addition, I’ve mentored many health tech start-up companies and am proud to have led an exceptional team which won the 2020 grand prize at the MIT $100k Entrepreneurial Challenge.

Audrey Glasby portrait

Audrey Glasby

Strategic Communications Manager
Work experience: 
Public relations
Strategic planning/communications Media relations
Content development 
Student internship programs

I encourage students to take advantage of a mentoring opportunity to gain insights into real-world experiences as they prepare for a professional career. As a mentor, I can offer support and guidance, based on a student’s interests and educational needs. I look forward to having open discussions with students about their goals for a mentorship and then working together to achieve them.

Eric Hales headshot

Eric Hales

VP Network Management
Work Experience:  
Health care leadership in operations, physician practice management, provider and payor contract negotiations and network

Early in my career, I connected with a seasoned health care executive who became a tremendous professional mentor and lasting friend.  I made the conscious decision to be a mentor wherever possible.  That philosophy is a core principle how I manage my team.  I can point to many examples of those on my team who have come to me who have asked questions about personal and professional development.  It is such a rewarding experience for me to help guide and see the growth of those I’ve had the honor to mentor over the 20+ years of my career.  

Patrick Harding headshot

Patrick Harding

AD Regional Underwriting
Work experience:

I have experience mentoring youth and entry-level professionals throughout my personal and professional life.  I enjoy helping others work towards career advancement and increasing their sphere of influence. I expect those that I mentor to be inquisitive, and self-motivated.  I can provide guidance regarding interviewing skills, work/life balance, communication, relationship building, and thinking outside the box. 

Kayla Norman portrait

Kayla Norman

Corporate Social Responsibility
Grant making and grant writing 
Volunteer management 
Event coordination

Oversees the philanthropic efforts of Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah with a background in volunteer coordination supporting direct service nonprofits. Experienced in supporting students as they explore professional development opportunities.

Miguel Rovira headshot

Miguel Rovira

DR, Business & Community Relations
Work experience:

The best mentoring experience is one where the mentee drives the agenda with topics, interests and goals.  I can provide guidance regarding advanced education, interviewing skills, job hunting, work-life balance and networking skills.  Some of my personal interests are skiing, road cycling, hiking and golf.  Favorite quote:  “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul”.

 Jim Swayze headshot

Jim Swayze

Work experience:
President/CEO Third Party Administrator
VP Healthcare

I have done extensive coaching and mentoring throughout my career, as giving back has always been ingrained into my psyche. My approach is centered around   getting to know someone, understudying strengths and weakness, and determining areas the student would like to work on and improve. A major goal is to help equip a student with skills that can benefit them in pursuit of their desired career path. My last experience includes working with students from the University of Denver in Colorado.