Full Board

Any research that does not fit into the exempt or expedited review categories must go to full-board review. This includes any research that the IRB identifies as involving greater than minimal risk.

To obtain full-board review, the research requires approval from a majority of IRB members present at a full-board meeting. The UVU IRB meets once per month to review full-board applications. The monthly meeting schedule can be found our home page. Investigators are invited, an encouraged to attend, the meeting review of their application to answer questions and address committee concerns.

IRB duties are described in the Federal Regulation for Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46).

Examples of Full Board Research

  • Clinical procedures with drugs, devices, or biologics, or innovative research into new medical, behavioral, or surgical procedures (Clinical Trials)
  • Research taking place internationally (particularly countries with little or no provisions for protection of human subjects) where subjects may be at physical, psychological or legal risk (NOTE, international research must first be approved by the ethics board of the forgien country before they can be reviewed by UVU IRB)
  • Majority of projects involving deception
  • Majority of projects involving vulnerable populations (Prisoner, children, and neonates, per federal regulation)