Jeff Babb, IT Alumnus - Network Security 2013

Systems/Network Admin, EscrowTech International, Inc.

How has your degree from UVU helped you in your current position?

"During an evening IT security class I met a local IT Manager, who after a few weeks into the semester offered me an internship position at EscrowTech. Five years later I am still working at EscrowTech with the freedom to propose changes to the IT infrastructure and be heard, plan for budgets, and execute projects. UVU provided me with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that I have been able to grow through real-world experiences in the workforce. Since starting at EscrowTech I have used that foundation to increase security, write new documentation, upgraded all our servers, switches, firewalls, routers, implemented new IT security policies, setup/configure AWS environments, in-housed our phone systems to save money, implemented new backup systems, and much more."

"Before attending UVU I owned and operated my own IT services company, Netswat, which provides IT support and solutions to small businesses that don’t have the time or the budget to hire their own IT service staff. The education UVU given me has helped me with professionalism, sales pitches, and refining services we offer at Netswat."

"More recently, I have also been working with a local technology startup Limble CMMS, who provides maintenance software solutions to companies who manage high value and preventative maintenance intensive assets. "

"Through all of these experiences, I have been exposed to many different technologies with regards to server hosting, network security, compliance, application development and much more."

"While at UVU I did not only spend my time in the IS&T department, I was an active member of DECA , PBL and taking accounting, business classes. My complete education at UVU has not only helped me in the technology field, but has also helped me with skills such as public speaking, accounting, business presentations, and writing."

Industry view of UVU graduates

"In my experience, UVU is generally regarded to be a good school and I personally like interviewing people that have attended UVU as I get to question them about specific classes and instructors and really understand how they liked or didn’t like a class or instructor."

Advice for new students

"Take advantage of the internship programs, they can be immensely valuable, one of the most important things you can do for your career is network with professionals in your field, and get real world experience in your industry, which an internship can provide."

"Take advantage of programs like the MSDNAA/Dreamspark, buy some old computer equipment from surplus sales or ebay and install your Dreamspark licenses and start playing around with it, use your time at home time to expand on your skills that you are learning in school. Employers want to know someone is passionate about their career and are willing to learn on their own time. You can even start playing around with the free tier of AWS to get your feet wet in the industry, employers look very kindly on people that are enthusiastic to learn."

"Ask your instructors more questions, many of them have industry experience, or still work in the industry."

"I never really put much merit into the saying, “School is what you make of it” but it is absolutely true, if you slack and skirt by you will get lazy results. However, if you truly love what you do or learn to love it, work will be much more enjoyable for you and you will never work a day in your life."