Joshua Cold, IT Alumnus - IT Admin and Security 2018

QA Software Tester - MicroFocus

Joshua's first job at UVU was filling vending machines. From there he volunteered at a local computer repair shop, which led to him being hired. Following his computer repair work, he worked for a local company repairing scanning equipment.

Along the way, Joshua took full advantage of UVU's stackable degrees, earning a Certificate of Completion in Network Administration, a Certificate of Proficiency in Information Technology, an Associate of Science Degree (with Honors), an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Information Systems and Technology (with Honors) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology (Cum Laude).

How has your degree from UVU helped you in your current position?

"Information Technology has helped me gain a greater knowledge of systems and processes that my CS colleagues don't have."

Industry view of UVU graduates

"I have other UVU IT graduate colleagues that have gone on to important positions within my company."

Advice for new students

"No matter how tough, you owe it to yourself to give it your best and most honest work."