Login Help - Manage Password Recovery Options

Service Description

Your password recovery options will be used if you need to recover your password in order to log in to the myUVU portal.

How to Access Service

Following the steps below will help you make changes to your password recovery options:

  1. Log in to the Password Management Tool. You can access the Password Management Tool by:
    • logging in to myUVU, clicking on your name (located in the top right corner)
    • clicking the gear icon
    • and clicking UVU Password Manager
  2. Click Recovery Options.

Password Management Tool

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Service Information

UVU Password Manager

In your Recovery Options:

  • Enter a recovery cell phone number or click "Replace" if you want to replace the existing phone number.
  • Enter a recovery email address (other than your UVU email) or click "Replace" if you want to replace the existing email address.