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What is Jamf Pro?

Jamf Pro (or simply, Jamf) is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service for Apple macOS computers and iOS/tvOS devices. Jamf allows UVU IT staff to better manage the lifecycle of Apple devices, including first-time setup, deploying new software, securing devices from threats and managing inventory. 


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Jamf Pro for Apple Devices



What are some benefits of Jamf? 

  • Security: UVU Area Technicians will manage your device's security so you don't have to worry about a breach. 
  • Confidentiality: With full-disk encryption, your data remains secure if your device is stolen or lost. 
  • Reliability: All devices will now be consistently updated with the latest software, improving system stability. 
  • Efficiency: Software deployment and updates can run in the background, meaning you can work throughout the day without worrying about unexpected downtime. 


Where and when will Jamf be installed? 

Jamf will come installed on all new Apple devices that are university-owned. All existing university-owned Apple devices will be enrolled in Jamf during the first quarter of 2020. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What information does Jamf collect? 

Jamf collects data specifically focused on technical support of your device. This can include the following: 

  • Hardware specifications/configuration 
  • Installed software applications and usage history 
  • Current status of updates 
  • Security information such as connected wireless networks, firewall status, etc. 
  • If a device is listed as lost or stolen, location information to assist in recovery 


No personal data will ever be collected. This can include the following: 

  • Names or contents of personal files 
  • Emails 
  • Web browsing history 
  • Typing, inking, or voice recordings 
  • Biometric data such as TouchID or FaceID profiles 


Can JAMF allow a technician to control my computer? 

Jamf allows for user-approved remote sessions in the same way that UVU's current support tools such as Bomgar or SCCM work. Remote sessions will begin with a request from a technician and will only connect to your device with your express permission. These sessions will only be used for remote technical support. 
•    Editing and Document Design, Certificate of Proficiency
•    Digital Media, Minor

What is the Self-Service app?

Jamf provides end users with a self-service portal that UVU utilizes to provide software and applications. This portal is present in your Launchpad as the Jamf Self-Service app. You can launch this application and can install any software that is listed in the application. This also includes printer access and links to support pages. This is the icon that you will see on your Mac’s Launchpad or iOS device’s homescreen:

jamf app

Does Jamf back up my Mac? 

Jamf provides no automated back-ups. We recommend that all files be backed up via Box, UVU's official cloud storage provider. 

Can I opt-out or unenroll?

No, enrollment is mandatory in order to address a new security mandate from the USHE Board of Regents. All new Apple devices will be automatically enrolled while current devices will be enrolled during spring 2020. 


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