Deaf Studies Internship

Application Process

  1. Meet with your advisor

    Meet with your academic advisor and find out how many credits you need for graduation. (An internship isn't required for the Deaf Studies general or education emphasis, but can be used to fulfill credit requirements.)
  2. Find possible internships

    There are a myriad of internship ideas and opportunities. Find an internship on UVU campus in the Deaf Studies program. Get involved with the Utah Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (UTRID). Work with agencies in one of their departments (ie: scheduling, HR, customer service, etc..)  More ideas
    • Tip: create a free website including samples of your interpreting work, contact information, and CV to look more professional when applying for internships. Many will ask for this information anyway. View list of example websites
  3. Meet with the internship coordinator

    Email the internship coordinator ( to set up a meeting. Together, you will begin creating a plan to complete your internship. 
    • Be prepared to mention the specific semester(s) you plan to start your internship. 
  4. Fill out the internship form

    Fill out the UVU internship Approval Form       as best as you can. Then, create a proposed schedule showing the dates and times of how you will complete your hours, the total hours you will reach over the semester, and how many credits you will receive.
    • Tip for Steps to Accomplish: Think about what in your internship will help you learn ASL. This could include interactions with different people, assignments, prep, ethics, etc.
    • Tip for Methods of Measurement: These are the course assignments, which may change based on who the internship coordinator is, so it’s best to reach out to them and ask.
  5. Complete the orientation

    Next, complete the online UVU internship orientation training       and take a screenshot of your Training Completion Code.
  6. Contact the internship coordinator

    Once you have all this information, email it to the internship coordinator to ask for approval of your internship and set up an appointment to complete paperwork.
    • Tip: don't start your internship before the paperwork has been completed! Any hours before then will not count.
  7. Register for LANG 481R

    Once you have approval, register for LANG 481R. Create a Google Doc folder with all of the required documents and share it with       (this email may change with a new internship coordinator). Read through the syllabus and this website and make sure you stay up to date on all the assignments.
  8. You are ready to start your internship


What are some examples of internships past students have done within the UVU Deaf Studies program?

  • created a guide to help future Deaf Studies students navigate the program
  • made quizlets to aid in studying for classes
  • led the DME Gallaudet trip
  • transferred workshop videos from a hard drive to the cloud
  • helped out at UVU Deaf Studies conferences
  • redesigned the Deaf Studies website

What are some examples of websites students have created when applying for internships?