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On behalf of the French language faculty at UVU, I would like to welcome you to our dynamic program in language and cultural studies. In our courses, you will refine your knowledge of French (and French and Francophone cultures) by focusing on the overarching skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Taught by award-winning faculty, our French courses at UVU will enable you to become a well-informed global citizen as you acquire in-depth knowledge of French language literature and film; as well as the cultural diversity that qualifies le monde francophone. In our program, we strive to help you make real-world connections to your studies, and we look forward to seeing you in class! Our course delivery methods include face-to-face instruction, as well as online learning. We offer a minor in French and a major in French Secondary Education, as well as an emphasis in French as part of UVU’s program in Integrated Studies. Our students are actively involved in regional schools as teacher education candidates, and many maintain exciting careers in our local community that require advanced French language skills. Program alumni include entrepreneurs, as well as graduate students studying in both the United States and Europe. Join us today—and take your studies and career preparation to the next level!


Our UVU-Paris program, which I direct annually in June, is a nice compliment to your on-campus coursework. Earn credits toward your minor or major while completely immersed in the French language andculture of France. E-mail me today for more information!


-Tammy Christensen, French Program Director

[email protected]

Study Abroad

For more information please visit the UVU International Department's French Study Abroad Page

French Club

UVU French Club is an active student-led organization which seeks to involve the UVU student community in fun cultural and linguistic activities through Conversations, Games, Service Projects, and Films.

Hear what UVU French program alumni have to say about studying French at UVU!


“My time with the UVU French program was incomparable to any other academic experience I had as a young adult. Not only did it expose me to some of the most talented Francophones, it equally allowed me to study abroad in France and Quebec. Additionally, I served as a French tutor for four semesters which sharpened my language skills while also fine-tuning those of my peers. I will always remember the lasting effects UVU had on my college days and how it helped transform me into the French-speaker I am today. If you are looking for a culturally enriching and academically rewarding French language experience, look no further than the UVU French program!”

Lee Winkleman, Class of 2018


"I cannot say enough to share my appreciation for UVU French! The program not only refined my grammar skills, but also introduced me to the wider Francophone world, from stories of identity, to questions of modernity and much more. UVU French reinforced my appreciation and understanding of French. Qualified professors instill a passion for French language, literature, and culture, and prepare you well for a French-speaking future. The bilingual program director enhances the experience and will help you perfect your accent. Un grand merci à UVU French!" 

Jon Downs, Class of 2020


“I attended Utah Valley University from 2016 to 2019 and received a degree with an emphasis in French Language. Dr. Temple has created a great staff of qualified teachers and an in-depth curriculum that will make you fall more deeply in love with the French language. Although it is a small program, it allows for a lower student-to-teacher ratio, giving each student more confidence when asking questions, engaging in group activities, and opportunities for one-on-one time with the instructors. The professors are truly invested in their students’ education and their growth in the French language. I also went on the study abroad in France for over two months and loved every minute of it. I was able to walk among the French people, learn about the culture and the history, and enjoy the delicious food. You won’t regret learning a new language.”

Hayley Lopez, Class of 2019



“My UVU experience was defined by the French program. It gave me the direction and guidance I needed, and made me feel like I had discovered my purpose as a college student. 

The culture within the French program is so fun, and welcoming. There are always exciting activities happening, and I made some of my closest friends within the French program. I especially enjoyed learning from the professors. Of all of the amazing professors I learned from at UVU, my favorites all came from the French department. The professors are well versed in French culture, history, art, literature, and of course, the language, making my experience as a student wholly immersive. Their passion for all things French made learning from them so much more enriching. Now, my understanding and love of French has widened my worldview and has given me so many real world opportunities and experiences that I owe to UVU’s program.”

Camille McKeon, Class of 2020