The Russian Studies program offers several degree options with the ability to create your own, unique program of study. There is the Russian Studies minor through the Department of Languages and Cultures as well as an option to create your own major through the Department of Integrated Studies. Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world and is valued for careers in international business, the government and security services, mathematics, music and arts, diplomacy and many other career paths. In this program of study, you have the option to enhance your spoken, written, and reading Russian, while also learning about the cultural, historical and political aspects of this dynamic country.


The Russian Studies minor requires that you reach the RUS 2010 (Intermediate) language level and then it allows you to select more or less language courses and more or less literature / culture / film / politics / history courses (usually taught in English); 18 credits of electives. The major program invites you to pair the Russian Studies minor with any other of the 67 minor programs at UVU (Business Management, Art History, Political Science, National Security Studies, etc.) to create a Russian major. This is your degree! A final option is to combine Russian with any of the other foreign languages at UVU for a minor in Languages. 


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