UVU Trademarks & Licensing Program


Utah Valley University seeks to properly communicate and market its brand and has delegated that responsibility to University Marketing for maintaining, managing, and licensing the university’s trademarks.

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Ownership of Intellectual Property

Utah Valley University’s “TRADEMARKS” are intellectual property protected by State and Federal laws, and any use without authorized permission is illegal. All UVU trademarks are subject to the campus contract licensing requirements and trademark permissions to prevent counterfeit and infringing uses.

TRADEMARK DEFINITION: Utah Valley University trademarks are defined as any visual, design or written script through the use of names, icons, initials, text, logos, indicia, symbols, phrase, insignia, tradenames, service marks, trademarks, wordmarks, character marks, crests, tartan patterns and seals, which represent and distinguishes the visual passion, brand recognition, and source of goods from the university.

UVU TRADEMARKS: Through the licensing office, the university manages the ownership, protection and promotion of some the following trademarks: Utah Valley University, Utah Valley, Utah Valley Wolverines, UVU, GOUVU, Willy the Wolverine, The Den, Protect the Den, Green Man Group, Gulo-Gulo, Wolverine Wednesday, and 12THWolverine.

Protection of Licensing Revenues

The use of UVU’s trademarks, through the licensing program, generates revenues which provides strategic funding for student scholarships and campus programming.

Manufacturing Code of Conduct Compliance

The university safeguards its trademark use through approved manufacturing and distribution channel compliance, which requires transparent vendor reporting and the protection of workers’ rights through a ‘code of conduct’ observance:

  1. Adherence to labor laws and regulations
  2. Harassment / Abuse
  3. Non-discrimination
  4. Forced, Indentured and Slave Labor
  5. Child Employment Labor
  6. Collective Bargaining
  7. Sweatshops / Safe Working Conditions
  8. Legally Restricted Work Hours
  9. Right to Fair Compensation
Protection Against Product Liabilities

To protect the university and consumers from inferior products, defective product liabilities, and assuring that only quality products bear the university’s trademarks, the program requires all approved vendors to carry liability insurance and to issue legal indemnification.

Unified Message and Consistent Brand Presence

The university seeks to control messages associated with our institution by properly reviewing and approving all trademark uses, making sure trademarked products and promotions are consistent, uniform and appropriate.


Campus entities designing and producing any product / merchandise to bear a university trademark must secure prior approval, in writing, from the university's licensing program.


The University licensing program is designed to provide any individual or department a simple process to legally purchase licensed goods that bear the university’s trademarks. Please follow these three easy stages to participate and receive approval from the Licensing Program:



UVU has an exclusive campus-wide contract with IMG College Licensing (IMG), which requires all UVU products to only be manufactured by "Approved Trademark-Licensed Vendors."

Download the most recent list of "APPROVED TRADEMARK-LICENSED VENDORS", who have currently contracted with UVU and IMG, to manufacture products with UVU Trademarks. (*NOTE: Other vendors can become an approved vendor by following the Business section at the bottom of this page.)

View the Approved Trademark-Licensed Vendors websites by product category:

All Promotional Products

Apparel and Clothing

Headwear and Knits

Drinkware and Coasters


Signage and Banners

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Automotive Products


Content for Accordion Item #2

Flags, Banners, and Pennants

Content for Accordion Item #3

Office and Desk Products

Content for Accordion Item #1


Content for Accordion Item #2

Infant, Toddler and Child

Content for Accordion Item #3

Bags, Backpacks and Totes

Rings and Jewelry


Toys and Stuffed Animals

Content for Accordion Item #1

Tailgating Games

Content for Accordion Item #2

Graduation, Rings and Frames

Content for Accordion Item #3

Furniture and Furnishings

Content for Accordion Item #1

Sports Equipment and Balls

Jerseys and Uniforms

Decals and Stickers

Content for Accordion Item #1

Heading for Accordion Item #2

Content for Accordion Item #2

Heading for Accordion Item #3

Content for Accordion Item #3

  1. Trademark Use and Artwork Mockup: Generate product concept (produce a design and how the trademarks will be used).
  2. Contact the licensing office by email: trademarks@uvu.edu.
  • To acquire official university logos files and university style guide.
  • (Optional) Discuss product concept and scope of project (See Ordering Product #1)
  • Under university policy, some types of purchases are ‘restricted or limited’ on P-cards. Items with UVU Logos or Department logos fall under ‘restricted’ purchases on P-cards.
  • If you are looking for generic UVU products, please support UVU and purchase licensed products from the UVU Bookstore or local retailers.
  1. Licensing office determines if licensing royalties / fees apply to the project. Determinants: Cosponsored product, Resale, Fundraising, Contracts, Exclusives, etc. Royalties typically apply to campus orders when a third-party sponsor logo is present on the product with UVU’s trademarks. If royalties apply, the individual / department will receive a message in the procurement process, from the Licensing office, stating that royalties, fees or premiums are required. This note should be submitted to vendors during the bid process.
  2. Individual or department requests requisition or bids (UVU Wolverine Marketplace) from approved trademark-licensed vendors, to make purchase. Most trademark-licensed vendors have not been awarded university contracts. For campus departments making purchases of $5,000 or more, you must contact Campus Procurement prior to completing this process. Email: procurement@uvu.edu.
  3. Individual or department connects with awarded approved trademark-licensed vendor to give initial department approval for the design / artwork.
  4. Approved vendor submits design/artwork into IMG BrandManager System for approval.
  5. In BrandManager, the Licensing office works to grant ‘final design/artwork approval’ to approved vendor.
  6. Approved vendor recieves final approval and begins manufacturing and shipping product to individual or campus entity.

BUSINESSES WHO WISH TO BECOME LICENSEES: How do I apply for a trademark license?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensee with Utah Valley University! We hope that our brand will help enhance your product sales and increase school spirit here at UVU.

Utah Valley University REQUIRES businesses and entrepreneurs to "legally produce" products bearing the trademarks of the university. UVU’s trademark and licensing office is in place to support individuals and businesses through the licensing process.

To apply for a trademark license, vendors will go online to IMG College Licensing and apply for a license with "Utah Valley University."

Once you have completed the application and made payment, please contact our office to help in the process of getting the application approved. The on-boarding process can take anywhere from 2 days to 4 weeks, depending on how active you are as a vendor, in frequently contacting UVU and IMG for the trademark license approval.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email trademarks@uvu.edu.

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