UVU, NUVI partner to open new Social Media Command Center

University Marketing & Communications: Layton Shumway | 801-863-6863 | [email protected]

In response to the increasing need for today’s students to acquire skills and fluency in social media, Utah Valley University, in partnership with NUVI, will open the NUVI Social Media Command Center — a new facility on UVU’s Orem campus that provides students with engaged learning experiences and hands-on training in a professional environment. The ribbon cutting will be held on August 31 at 1 p.m. on the second floor of the Losee Center.

“Social media has become an integral part of the modern workplace,” said UVU vice president of University relations Cameron Martin. “These are some of the most essential skills our students can learn to prepare for a 24/7, always-connected world. We’re proud to provide this important resource for our students’ success.”

The SMCC features 12 55-inch high-definition monitors, arranged into three groups of four to enable 4K image resolution. Each screen can also display images independently via wireless connection, so any web-enabled device in the room can project and share images on the monitors. This main display wall is augmented by two 85-inch 4K monitors on opposite walls and a 75-inch SMART kapp iQ interactive display, along with rolling desks and seating capacity for 30 students, creating a collaborative space unlike any on UVU campus.

The SMCC is located adjacent to UVU’s University Marketing & Communications offices to allow interaction between students and professional staff. Students will acquire essential skills through class study and work on campaigns for UVU and external clients, preparing them for internships and careers in today’s technology-driven business world. The SMCC will be equipped with NUVI’s Social Marketing Suite, along with other software tools such as Facebook Power Editor, Google Analytics, Meltwater, TrackMaven, Optimizely, RiteTag, Hashtagify, and more. These will help make the SMCC the new hub for social media marketing, analysis, and content creation at UVU.

“Using the NUVI Social Media Command Center will allow students, faculty, and staff to have access to cutting-edge technology,” said NUVI chairman and CEO Keith Nellesen. “Organizations all over the world are using NUVI to better engage with their customers, gather unsolicited feedback, manage crisis situations, and make product improvements.”

Zuckerberg Media founder, CEO, and best-selling author Randi Zuckerberg will also be in attendance at the ribbon cutting. Zuckerberg will speak to the UVU campus and community on her experience at the forefront of social media at 6 p.m. in the Bingham Gallery in the Fulton Library on UVU’s Orem campus. Zuckerberg’s lecture will open this fall’s Roots of Knowledge Lecture Series season.

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