Utah Women & Leadership Project Honored by Envision Utah

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Written by: Barbara Christiansen | 801-863-8208 | BarbaraC@uvu.edu

Utah Valley University’s Utah Women & Leadership Project continues to garner recognition for its efforts to help women pursue and attain their goals. The latest accolade comes from Envision Utah, a nonprofit organization.

Envision Utah presented the Common Good awards to two entities on Dec. 1, saying they had made a significant difference for our state.

“Envision Utah is a highly respected nonprofit in the state, doing important work to make sure the future of Utah is bright,” UWLP director Susan Madsen said. “I am deeply honored to receive this award on behalf of the UWLP team. Recognition like this can have a powerful impact on the work we do, as awareness is a key first step in creating lasting societal change. We are so grateful to Envision Utah for drawing attention to our efforts to benefit girls and women in the state of Utah.”

“Our board of directors’ executive committee unanimously agreed that one of these two Common Good Awards should be given to you for the Utah Women and Leadership Project,” Envision Utah said in a letter to Madsen.

“UWLP embodies everything the Common Good Awards represents,” the letter continues. “By providing women in Utah with resources and support, you’ve had a positive impact on our entire state both socially and economically. It would be so meaningful for us to recognize the work you’ve done. We have so much to learn from you and this incredible project.”