UVU undergrads make presentation at the United Nations


Two Utah Valley University students, Sam Elzinga, a sophomore, and Andrew Jensen, a junior, spoke at the United Nations Tuesday. They gave a presentation on UVU’s efforts to be more sustainable. They were invited by diplomats from Kyrgyzstan to address a group from that country, Canada, Austria and Andorra.


“It was really cool, really exciting,” Elzinga said. It is unusual for undergraduates to make such a presentation, he said. “It was truly an honor and very awe-inspiring to present alongside such esteemed diplomats.”


“Each of the four countries, two United Nations’ programs and UVU presented,” Jensen said. “The overall topic was tackling climate change and building resilient societies in mountainous rural regions.”


The United Nations has main events and side events, Jensen explained. The side events are hosted by individual countries or groups. “They are still a pretty big deal and well attended,” he said.


Individuals at the United Nations became acquainted with the two students during the summer when Elzinga and Jensen attended a high-level political forum at the U.N.


“We met with representatives from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and exchanged business cards,” Jensen said. “They called us later and asked us to come back.”



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