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Project created and inspired by UVU Fintech Center supporting engaged learning and student-faculty collaboration from both Woodbury School of Business and College of Engineering & Technology.

What’s an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset that can be bought, sold, and traded.  Recording an NFT on the blockchain ledger provides proof of ownership and makes it possible to prove that a digital item is the only one of its kind in existence (i.e., that it is “non-fungible”).

 NFT assets can include artwork, music, video clips, trading cards, photos, and virtual items used in computer games.  An NFT is not just the asset itself (the GIF, JPEG, MP4, etc.), but also includes a digital certificate of authenticity.

How and Why UVU is getting involved with NFT right now?

As the internet is moving to Web3, a blockchain-based web that offers a new technology infrastructure for decentralized finance and more, the world becomes more digitalized and private. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a multi-billion business and a symbol of the future of technology. UVU is participating in the NFT market since it reflects who we are and the value of our education. Mentored by faculty from both Woodbury School of Business and College of Engineering & Technology, UVU students created the first collection of UVU NFTs to raise funding for scholarships. This student-faculty collaboration of interdisciplinary cutting-edge engaged learning project represents the true color of UVU. We appreciate your consideration to support us by becoming UVU NFT collectors.


Student & Faculty involved in the project:

  • Primary Leading Faculty: Rachel Bi (WSB)
  • Leading Faculty: Jingpeng Tang (CET), Jeffrey Tolk (WSB), Westin Smith (WSB)
  • WSB Students: Elmer Pineda, Hibatu Arkoh, Keli Capel, Jensen Hamblin, Ryan Wisne
  • CET Students: Rob Platt, Smita Gupta, Yash Kotha, Anselmo Chapa-Garza, Tyler Sheffield

Image of Rachel

Qianwen (Rachel) Bi

Ph.D., M.B.A, Associate Professor
Finance and Economics Department Chair
Director of WSB FinTech Center
Woodbury Business School, Utah Valley University

Dr. Qianwen (Rachel) Bi is the director of WSB FinTech center and the head of the Finance and Economics Department at Utah Valley University Woodbury School of Business. She has been teaching financial planning software in the classroom for over 12 years and has been leading the Technology Applications in Personal Financial Planning course at Utah Valley University for eight years. Working with students at the WSB FinTech Center, Dr. Bi has been exploring new business applications using cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning. The FinTech center has a mission to advance our education and promote for student successes through interdisciplinary hands-on innovative projects.

Image of Jingpeng

Jingpeng Tang (CET)

Dr. Tang, Jingpeng: Professor, Director of Master of Computer Science, Software Engineering coordinator of Department of Computer Science, Utah Valley University, since 2014;. Before joining Utah Valley University, Dr. Jingpeng Tang was a tenured Associate Professor in the Software Engineering and Information Technology Management at the University of Minnesota Crookston. He earned Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University, China, Master and two Ph.D. degrees in both Computer Science and Engineering from North Dakota State University. He has taught numerous courses in Software Engineering, Networking, Computer Science, and Information Technology. His current research interests include software engineering quality assurance, software security, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and big data. Dr. Tang has published technical papers on international conferences sponsored by IEEE and other organizations. He is also PI and Co-PI for federal grants, including Department of State (DOS). Dr. Tang is actively involving in international university collaborations.

Image of Jeffrey

Jeffrey Tolk (WSB)

Jeffrey S. Tolk has more than 25 years of experience in international banking and asset management. He began his career as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street. He subsequently worked for Moody’s Investors Service in the Structured Derivatives group. Following Moody’s, Tolk joined the Structured Credit group at HSBC, which transferred him to Hong Kong in 2003 as managing director and Asia head of structuring.

In 2008 Tolk moved with his family to Singapore to be a portfolio manager and head of research at a hedge fund focusing on distressed debt, special situations, and private equity in Asia. While in Singapore, Tolk also worked at Standard Bank as Asia head of institutional and corporate solutions, and at Resource Capital Markets. He is currently the owner of Eastgate Advisors Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based consulting and advisory firm. Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, a law degree from Harvard Law School, and is a CFA charter holder.

Image of Westin

Westin Smith (WSB)

Program Director at the Shadûf Institute
Westin is a proud graduate of UVU's Digital Media program and has enjoyed a career in Videography, Graphic Design, and Brand Marketing. He loves film/storytelling and one of his greatest joys in life is a relaxing movie night with his wife and four kids.

Image of Elmer

Elmer Pineda, MBA

MBA, Finance Emphasis. Graduated August 2022. I'm originally from El Salvador, San Salvador. I am currently working as a Finance/Business Research Assistance in the FinTech group. I am passionate about how technology is enhancing the financial industry, the markets, investments, and people. Always engaged in creating value at work, helping society, and giving back to people. Hobbies include playing soccer, weigh-lifting, and long-distance running.

Image of Hiba

Hiba Arkoh, MBA

Student Employee (Finance and Economic Department) Currently working on the FinTech group for UVU as the marketing coordinator.
From Ghana but raised in Kiribati
Hobbies: I love photographing people, like weddings, love cooking.

Image of Rob

Rob Platt

Student Employee(Finance and Economic Department) Currently working on the FinTech project for UVU as the Front-end Engineer. Where you from: San Diego, CA born and raised. Your hobbies: Playing guitar, tabletop games, video games, and coding.

Image of Keli

Keli Capel

Title: UVU Student Content Creator at Shadûf
Keli Capel, Graphic Design Major, Graduating Spring 2023. Keli was raised in Alpine, Utah. With a creative eye and a love of technology she was naturally drawn to digital art and graphic design. She is currently working as a designer and looking forward to a career in UI/UX Design.

Image of Jessie

Jessie Griffin

Title: UVU Student Content Creator at Shadûf
Jessie is a proud student and employee at UVU! She helps with social media for the Shaduf marketing research center, and does the same for the Marketing Association of UVU. Outside of work and she loves connecting with the other students on campus and getting involved in fun events!

Image of Tayler

Tayler Fearn

My name is Tayler Fearn! I am from Vancouver, Canada. I am studying bioinformatics at UVU. In addition to school, I am also a presidential intern and co-president of the interfaith student council at UVU.

Image of Jensen

Jensen Hamblin

Bachelor in Personal Financial Planning
Graduating December 2022
Product Training Consultant at Addepar
Originally from Gilbert, Arizona and moved to Utah to attend UVU. One of the best decisions ever made! Through the PFP program I was able to learn lifelong skills that helped me land a job at my dream company. Brining technology and finance together is a passion of mine.

Image of Ryan

Ryan Wisner

Ryan Wisner. Senior. Personal Financial Planning major. Grad date is May 2023. I love all things finance and sports. Happily married and a financial coach on UVU campus

Image of Smita

Smita Gupta

My name is Smita Gupta. I am from India. I am a recent graduate in computer science from Utah Valley University. Currently, I am working at Motorola Solution as a software development engineer.

Image of Yash

Yash Kotha

My name is Yash Kotha. I am an International student from India. I received my bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and planning to do my Master's degree. I am passionate about coding and learning new technologies. I love yoga and meditation.

Image of Tyler

Tyler Sheffield

Tyler Sheffield is studying both Computer Science and Personal Financial Planning at UVU. His topics of interests include using technology to help people understand financial data better and use this data to make better financial decisions.

Image of Anselmo

Anselmo Chapa-Garza

Master’s in Computer Science