About the Journal:

The UVU Journal of National Security is Utah’s first academic journal focused on national security issues. It is published twice annually -- in April and December -- and supported by the Center for National Security Studies at UVU. The JNS publishes timely, insightful articles on critical national security matters, including topics relating to foreign affairs, intelligence, homeland security, terrorism, and national defense. The journal is designed for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and early professionals. Preference is given to UVU students, but the journal has published pieces from around the world. Currently, our acceptance rate for publication is 30%.

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Samuel Elzinga

Executive Editor:
Bryce Krieger

Managing Editor:
Mason Taylor
Cierra Peters

Content Editor:
Edward Goebel
Mark Driggs
Alyson Hatch
Cougar Einfeldt
Cash Holdaway

Faculty Advisors:
Geoffrey Cockerham
Greg Jackson
John Macfarlane
Mike Smidt
Debra Thornton
Jonathan Rudd
Ryan Vogel