Our students have experienced great success in internships, careers, and endeavors in the national security field.  Below are some recent highlights of UVU student success.

Savannah Mork in front of US Embassy

Savannah Mork

Intern at U.S. Embassy in Croatia

Savannah Mork is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in National Security Studies. During the summer of 2017, she interned at the US Embassy in Croatia. While there she worked on political and economic issues, regularly writing memos to State Department officials on these topics. This experience not only allowed Savannah to see and learn about Eastern Europe but also helped her solidify her decision to pursue a career as a Foreign Service Officer.

Andre Jones

Andre Jones

Intern in Senator Orrin Hatch's Office

Andre Jones is a political science major, with an emphasis in world politics and minors in Russian and National Security Studies. This past summer he interned in the office of Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, who currently serves as President Pro-Tempore. On Capitol Hill, he worked mainly with Senator Hatch’s National Security and Foreign Affairs team. Highlights of his internship have been drafting letters to the Secretaries of State and Defense, as well as writing regular memos to brief Senator Hatch on issues of counterterrorism, foreign policy and national security. Andre was also able to meet with senior national security officials, including CIA Director Michael Pompeo.

  Andre Jones

Mitchell Riley

Intern at Air Force HQ at Pentagon

Mitchell Riley graduated UVU in Spring of 2017 with a BS in Behavioral Science, emphasis in Family Studies, as well as a certificate of proficiency in National Security Studies. As a Cadet in the Air Force ROTC, Mitchell was selected to be a Nuclear and Missile Operations Officer.

This past summer Mitch was selected for a highly competitive internship in the Air Force HQ at the Pentagon, working in the Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration division.  He was specifically assigned to be an administrative assistant for the Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration. This division is responsible for carrying out the planning, policy development, advocacy, integration and assessments for activities related to the Air Force nuclear enterprise.

    Kyle Manola

Kyle Manola

Intelligence Professional at CenCore LLC

Kyle Manola worked as an open-source intelligence analyst for CenCore LLC, a private sector government contractor who contracts with the intelligence community. The internship provided the opportunity to work on a lot of different challenging and exciting projects related to U.S. national security. Kyle worked on a project that helped assess companies that the military contracted with in Afghanistan to ensure that no funds provided were being funneled to terrorist organizations. The experience helped Kyle develop the skillset needed to be able to work in the intelligence community as well as the national security arena. Upon completion of this internship, CenCore LLC offered Kyle a full-time position.

 Phil Varney overlooking Washington D.C.

Phil Varney

Intern with Congressman Stewart and Chief of Staff at MNG Ventures

Phil Varney studied International Business and Finance at Utah Valley University, graduating in 2017. After completing an internship in the Spring 2017 semester with the Office of Congressman Chris Stewart (Ut-02), Phil accepted a position at MNG Ventures, a venture capital firm with a portfolio centered around infrastructure projects all over the world. Working with the international community in DC, Phil continues to pursue an eventual career with the foreign service.

Holly Sweeten

Holly Sweeten

Intern with Office of Governor Herbert

Holly Sweeten is currently working as a Special Projects Intern in the Office of the Governor for the state of Utah. She conducts special research projects, works with Governor Gary R. Herbert and senior staff, assists in compiling documents and documenting state events, attends meetings, assists with press events, drafts correspondence letters, and assists in administrative duties.