New Nursing Student Learning and Simulation Center

Nursing Students having a debrief around a conference table in the new labWithin this hospital-like setting students are given hands-on experience with low-fidelity and high-fidelity simulations. Laboratory instruction and activities give students the knowledge and nursing skills to prepare them for on-site clinical learning on live patients.

State of the Art

  • Twenty-one hospital beds
  • Three nursing skills labs
  • High-fidelity simulation rooms featuring adult, child and infant manikins
  • Outpatient exam room
  • State-of-the-art control room
  • Three debriefing rooms

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Nursing's Learning and Simulation Center reduce our environmental footprint and costs.

Image of nursing students diagnosing stuffed animals

Basic Skills Labs A & B and the Flex Skills Lab

These low-fidelity simulation labs give students hands-on learning of practical nursing skills as they learn such fundamentals as performing assessments, creating and maintaining sterile fields, placing IV and urinary catheters with realistic simulated fluid, administering medications; all the skills required for becoming a knowledgeable, competent, caring nurse.

Nursing students simulating treatment with manikins in simulation room

High-Fidelity Simulation Rooms

As students progress in the programs their learning is enhanced with sophisticated, computerized manikins replicating realistic clinical experiences in a low stakes’ environment. In the control room, sim operators facilitate simulation as they control manikins’ breathing, heart rates, blood pressure, lung and bowel sounds, verbal communications, and per instructors’ instructions can modify the situation during simulations. Students obtain first-hand experience with everything from initial assessments to labor and delivery to cardiac arrests, creating an intensive and responsive learning environment.

Instructor teaching student how to read a syringe

Debriefing Learning Rooms

State-of-the-art debriefing rooms give students focused learning experiences with pre-briefings of simulation cases. Through live-streams they observe their peers participating in the high-fidelity simulations which they later discuss in debriefings with the aid of recorded simulations.