Third Party Help

Program / Company Phone Number Web Support / Email Guides
My IT Lab 800-677-6337 Pearson Support Website  
My Math Lab
Think Well Email Only Think Well Email  
McGraw Hill / Connect 800-331-5094 (US Only) Mcgraw Hill Support Website Connect Support Website
Tech eCommerce 877-833-5524
Pearson 800-677-6337 Pearson Support Website  
Wyile Plus Live Chat Only Wiley Support Website  
Great River Technology 800-344-9051 Great River Technology Support Website  
Great River Technology Email
American Meteorological Society Education Program: 202-737-1043 American Meterological Society Email  
American Meteorological Society Material Email (textbooks and downloads)
Respondus   Respondus Support Website  
Cengage   Cengage Support Website  
Macmillan LaunchPad Help Desk 877-587-6534 Macmillan LauchPad Help Desk  
CourseSmart/VitalSource   VitalSource Support Website  
MyEducator   MyEducator Email  
Capsim Simulation 877-477-8787 Capsim Support Website  
Capsim Support Email
GoReact 801-717-3499 (voice) GoReact Support Email  
801-621-6223 (video)
PowToons   At bottom of PowToons Support Website, under "support" click contact us then write a ticket.  
Lucidpress   Lucidpress Support Website  
Move Note +358-44-377-9933 Move Note Support Email  
Jeppesen 800-621-5377 Jeppesen Support Website  
Jeppesen Support Email
Lufthansa   Lufthansa Support Website