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Pay Cycle

All employees are paid on a two week lag pay cycle; meaning you will receive your first paycheck approximately one month after you start working. 


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New Employee Pay Info.

Understanding the payroll process, pay tips covering direct deposits, paydays, paystubs, time and leave entry, tax reporting and more.

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TIMS Clockin System


Clock in and out of the Time Information Management System (TIMS) to track hours worked. Use the TIMS Management Access to add, adjust, and approve hours worked and leave taken.


TIMS Clock In / Out

TIMS Management Access
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Adjunct Pay Calendars

Adjunct faculty are paid by semester with pay divided over the full semester or portion of the semester taught. The number of pays and pay dates are provide on the adjunct pay calendar for each semester.

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Adjunct Faculty Pay Rates

Adjunct faculty semester and hourly pay rates can be found on the HR Compensation web page under Salary Scales.

HR Compensation
W2 Form

W-2 Form

W-2s are available electronically. Access your W-2 in a faster, safer, and greener way. If you are currently receiving a paper W-2, elect to receive your next W-2 electronically.

Electronic form W-2