Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on the University bid list?

The University does not maintain any bid lists at this time. Public solicitations for procurements are posted on the UVU Vendor Portal. Vendors may register on the UVU Vendor Portal to receive bid notifications.

How do I submit a bid or proposal?

We encourage all qualified vendors to submit responses to solicitations issued by UVU. Responses to all solicitations listed on the UVU Vendor Portal must be submitted through that system unless otherwise noted in the solicitation. Responses to solicitations not posted on the UVU Vendor Portal must be submitted in accordance to the information provided in the solicitation. Responses submitted using any method not outlined in the solicitation will not be accepted.

How do I find out the results of a bid?

After the solicitation has been awarded, suppliers may visit the UVU Vendor Portal to see the results. For solicitations not posted through the UVU Vendor Portal, vendors may contact Procurement Services at 801-863-8301 and provide the bid number to receive the results.

When does the University hold bid openings?

The University does not generally hold public bid openings. Bid results can be found on the UVU Vendor Portal.

What is the University’s policy regarding bids?

If the total purchase, including freight charges, will exceed the small-dollar purchase threshold, a solicitation for quotes/bids must be submitted to multiple vendors for competitive bidding. This policy applies to any purchase regardless of fund source.

Is the University exempt from sales tax?

The University is exempt from Utah State sales tax. The University’s sales tax exempt number is 11843640-002-STC.

What are the University’s approved payment methods?

  • Purchase Order
  • Purchasing Card (Visa)
  • Limited Purchase Check
    • Checks issued to departments in lieu of petty cash limited to purchases under $500.
  • Vendors should receive one of the above payment methods prior to accepting an order. By accepting one of the above payment methods, the vendor will ensure prompt payment upon receipt of the goods/service ordered and an invoice.

What is a requisition?

  • A requisition is an internal request created by a UVU department utilized to secure internal approvals and information. A requisition is not a valid UVU Purchase Order and should not be treated as such.
  • In order to comply with UVU policy, a requisition must be approved and a purchase order completed prior to ordering any materials or services from a vendor with the exception of orders that are placed using a purchasing card or limited purchase check.

What is a Purchase Order?

    • A Purchase Order is issued by Procurement &Contract Services after a UVU department has submitted a requisition and the requisition has been approved.
    • This document is the official order from the University and will be faxed, e-mailed, or otherwise sent to a vendor requesting goods or services.
    • Purchase Order numbers begin with a ‘P.’

Where should I send my invoice for payment?

  • Invoices should be sent to the Accounts Payable department: Utah Valley University; Accounts Payable – MS 109; 800 West University Parkway; Orem, UT 84058-5999.
  • Invoices may also be sent via e-mail to

Who should I contact if I do not receive payment for the goods or services I supplied to the University?

Contact the Accounts Payable department at 801-863-8966 or