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The Purpose of Petitions

  • We know that sometimes classes are just plain hard - trust us, we've been there. Petitions are not for these times. When students perform poorly and fall short of the grade they want or need, the repeat policy allows students to try again for a better grade.
  • We also know that life happens, and sometimes things occur that no one can control. We call these "extenuating circumstances" and it is for these circumstances that petitions are available. See examples below.
  • When life happens, students have the opportunity to petition for certain changes by providing documents to prove what has happened and how it was out of their control.

Types of Petitions


Late Withdrawal

Request to withdraw from a class beyond withdrawal deadlines based on extenuating circumstances.

Record Adjustment

Request a retroactive change to your student records based on extenuating circumstances.


Request a refund/reversal of tuition and fees based on extenuating circumstances.

Course Grade Dispute

After speaking with their instructor and department chair, students can request a course graade dispute review from the Council on Academic Standards. This is not common!


Extenuating Circumstances

The following are examples of extenuating circumstances that are beyond a student's control. Regardless of the circumstance, documentation to verify must be provided.

Incapacitating illness or medical event of a student or a student’s *immediate family member which prevented the student from attending or participating in class(es) for the minimum time period.

Minimum Documentation Required

Completed Medical Verification form

Download Form

Jury duty or Subpoena preventing a student from attending or participating in class(es).

Minimum Documentation Required

Official letter(s) of jury duty or subpoena notice clearly outlining the dates of required service.

Change in work schedule during the semester as required by your employer.

Minimum Documentation Required

Completed Employment Verification form

Download Form

Death of an *immediate family member.

Minimum Documentation Required

Obituary, death certificate, or funeral services program.

Active military duty.

Minimum Documentation Required

Official notice of military requirements, or letter (on letterhead) from a military official, clearly outlining the dates of required service.

Other circumstances deemed extenuating by the registrar or their designee(s).

Minimum Documentation Required

Student must provide documentation to support the claim. Additional documentation may be required and requested of the student.

*Immediate family member for this policy is defined as a student's spouse, child, stepchild, child-in-law, foster child, parent, stepparent, parent-in-law, sibling, step sibling, sibling-in-law, grandparent, step grandparent, grandparent-in-law, grandchild, step grandchild.

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