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Welcome to the UVU Rodeo team. Our full-time student athletes attend UVU while competing at intercollegiate rodeos throughout the year. UVU Rodeo takes pride in our western roots and the hard work ethic, grit, and determination of our pioneer heritage.

UVU Rodeo is a college rodeo team of students with diverse backgrounds, providing a place for students from rural or underserved communities across Utah and the rest of the country. The UVU Rodeo team empowers students to complete their degrees while participating in the rodeo program, and many of our student athletes are first-generation college students.

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Award Highlights

  • Four Top 12 athletes at the 2023 College National Finals Rodeo
  • Team Championships 2004 – 2007
  • Reserve Team Championships 2004 – 2009

Support the Team

Support the proud tradition of UVU Rodeo by contributing to our fundraising efforts. With your help, we can build our new Payson stadium and award more scholarships to student athletes. Community donations are crucial for covering travel, equipment, and training expenses, enabling our committed athletes to excel and keep our spirit thriving.

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  • The UVU Rodeo program was exactly what I needed to finish school and get my degree. To compete in the college rodeos, you had to meet the program’s academic standards. I was always provided the resources I needed to be successful in school.” Ryley Johnson
  • The UVU Rodeo team allowed me to sharpen my skills as an athlete, further my education, and get a degree that has helped me progress in my career. Our team provided a supportive and encouraging environment, and I developed many cherished friendships. Thanks to the program, I gained confidence in my abilities and was able to push myself to achieve new goals. My experience with the team has positively impacted my life. I will always be grateful for the memories and lessons learned throughout my time with the team.” Sadie Boren
  • Once you have been part of the UVU Rodeo team, you will be part of it for life. UVU puts a lot of emphasis on working in groups in and out of class. The teamwork learned while being part of the rodeo program has allowed me to excel and make friends with people in my classes. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that I had to represent the UVU Rodeo team throughout my college career.” Wyatt Caldwell
  • Not only did the UVU Rodeo program provide me with the opportunity to pursue my passion for rodeo, but it also played a pivotal role in shaping my academic and professional journey. Through the scholarships offered by the program, I was able to graduate debt-free — a feat I never thought possible.” Cashlyn English

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