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UVU Rodeo Program 2017

This ain't our first Rodeo.





UVU Rodeo Program 2017

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The most exhilarating scholarship program ever

The UVU rodeo program has assisted many young adults in graduating college and providing them with the opportunity to continue their education. It provides scholarships and financial support to those who may not have been able to afford college on their own. The program also encourages unity through the team and hard work through participating in the sport of rodeo. The program helps shape young adults into well-rounded citizens by teaching them how to balance school, work, practice, and sport. The benefits from the rodeo program are numerous and the best part about it, the team never turns anyone away, we accept anyone who has some prior experience with rodeo!

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"Being apart of the UVU rodeo team has provided me with opportunities and experiences that I will never forget. I have made life-long friends and received a scholarship that has made it possible to graduate college. I am graduating with a degree in behavioral science with an emphasis in psychology that will help me in my future career choice. The UVU rodeo program has helped me accomplish my goals!"

- Shaylee Thacker, Senior, Psychology Major.

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