Adult Content Emails

Adult Content Example EmailAdult Content Spam Example

What is it?

Adult content emails are usually caught by spam filters and don't get the opportunity to be delivered to your inbox, but sometimes they're able to avoid filters and will end up in your inbox. There's different kinds of adult content emails, but two of the most common come in the form of either a sextortion scam or an email that appears to be from a person seeking an intimate relationship.



Tips for identifying adult content emails: 

  • Look at the from address. These kinds of emails are usually sent from common domains like,, and so on.
  • Look for grammar mistakes. It's common for spammers to intentionally misspell words to avoid spam filters, so if an email has unusual and/or excessive grammar mistakes it might be spam.
  • Does it contain any erotic language? It's very common for adult content emails to use erotic wordage to trick you into replying or clicking on links.
  • Is the content vague? These kinds of emails usually keep the content of the email vague to increase your curiosity.