How We Block Spam

How does spam get blocked?

Our spam filtering service uses filtering tools to store custom and built-in filters, scan email content searching for matches to the filters, and will block emails whose content matches certain filters.

We will build custom filters to block spam based on the emails that are reported to the Report Spam mailbox. These spam emails will be ones that the current custom and built-in filters couldn't detect, so we build additional filters to help block more spam in the future.

What's the difference between an email being quarantined and being blocked?

When an email gets quarantined, you will be notified by Fortinet via email and have the power to choose whether or not the email gets delivered to your inbox or discarded. When an email gets blocked, Fortinet simply discards it. More information on quarantined emails can be seen here.

Will I know when spam that's sent to me gets blocked?

You'll be notified by Fortinet via email when an email that's sent to you gets quarantined, but you will not be notified when an email gets blocked. This is necessary because over 75% of all email we receive is spam, so we don't want people receiving more emails about spam being blocked than valid emails they need to see. Basically, we don't want to spam people.

What happens after I forward a spam email to the Report Spam mailbox?

After an email is forwarded to, we examine it and take certain actions depending on what kind of email it is. If the email isn't spam and isn't malicious we won't do anything to block it. If the email is spam but isn't malicious, we might try to block it depending on the situation. If the email is malicious spam, we will do everything we can to make sure it doesn't get in again.