Message from the Vice President of Student Affairs

Kyle Reyes

Michelle Kearns Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs

Welcome to the division of Students Affairs. We are here to provide services that are student-centered, inclusive, and supportive. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our diverse student population while helping to provide a comprehensive university experience. Our programs and services are designed to onboard, support, and develop students along their journey. Please see the links below for more information about the four areas that comprise our division: Student Wellness and Belonging, Inclusive Excellence, Enrollment Management, and PK-16 Grants, Outreach & Partnerships. I welcome your input on ways we can improve; feel free to contact me through the link on the right. Whether you are a student, parent, community member or donor, I hope your experience at UVU is a good one!

Go Wolverines!


Michelle Kearns



Michelle Kearns

Vice President of Student Affairs
Phone: (801) 863-8976
Office: SC 209

Malinda Bird

Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs
Phone: (801) 863-6158
Office: SC 209

Edna Warnick

Presidential Intern
Phone: (801) 863-5736
Office: SC 209

Student Affairs

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Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management at UVU is committed to providing access and opportunity for students to complete their higher education goals.
two students standing side by side with smiles on their faces

Grants & Outreach

Grants & Outreach identifies resources and provides inclusive programs to foster lifelong learning and a strong educational pipeline
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Student Development & Well-Being

Student Development & Well-Being helps students find success both inside and outside the classroom. A successful college experience includes balance of academic, social, civic, and personal growth and development.
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Inclusive Excellence

The Inclusive Excellence division collaborates to foster inclusion, remove barriers, promote global and cultural competence, create meaningful resources and programs.

Mission Statement

Student Affairs collaborates to foster a holistic student-centered experience focused on learning and well-being by providing intentional programs and services to promote student success as well as professional and personal development.

Student Affairs is committed to these core VALUES:

Student Success

Student Affairs recognizes the unique characteristics of each student and provides opportunities for academic, personal, and professional development.


Student Affairs proactively seeks opportunities for effective collaboration with internal and external partners.

Engaged Learning

Student Affairs supports professional development and experiential learning for students, faculty, and staff.


Student Affairs actively promotes a workplace of Respect, Inspiration, Connection, Empowerment, and Safety from staff to students as well as staff to staff.


Student Affairs cultivates an environment that embraces a broad range of studentsand staff from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives.


Student Affairs utilizes creativity, technology, data, and best practices to provide exemplary programs and services.

Leadership Development

Student Affairs provides opportunities to cultivate quality leadership in students and staff.

Student Development

Student Affairs values a holistic student life cycle approach that fosters intellectual, cultural, social, physical, and spiritual growth of the student.


Student Affairs professionals embrace a safe, personalized, seamless, and intentional philosophy to ensure each student is proactively guided through their educational journey.

Our Staff

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