About Sustainability at UVU

Sustainability values environmental stewardship without discounting economic growth or social opportunity. Sustainability represents a belief that environmental stewardship can (indeed must) balance with economic development and social responsibility. Such harmony among traditional antagonistic forces can only occur through a concentrated effort of talented individuals. UVU believes that it is not only its obligation, but also its opportunity as an expanding university to exemplify the commitment necessary to balance these interests.

Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Day

Utah Valley University is seriously engaged in creating a more sustainable campus and community. 


Get Involved

Get Involved

Without a collective effort,  sustainability cannot be successful at Utah Valley University.  Learn tips to reduce your waste and raise awareness of the importance of sustainability by getting involved.

Building and Design

Building and Design

As Utah Valley University grows, new construction is necessary to accommodate an increasing student population.  Find out how UVU has turned to sustainable design and construction practices to reduce the negative environmental and financial impacts of additional buildings.

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Tips to a More Sustainable You

Tip: 1

Reduce your energy consumption by unplugging appliances or electronics when you aren’t using them.

Tip: 2

Reduce your waste production by choosing a refillable water bottle over a disposable plastic one.

Tip: 3

Replace old incandescent light bulbs with higher efficiency and energy saving LED or CFL bulbs.

Tip: 4

Carpool, use UTA, walk, or ride your bike to school rather than drive. Not only will this spare you the horrors of parking on campus, but it will also save our air quality and save you money.