What UVU is Doing: Dining Services

Healthy Sandwich

The fastest growing university in Utah continually has more and more mouths to feed. This delicious task is proudly maintained through UVU's dining service and their specific commitment to sustainable practices. Dining Services actively participates in the university-wide recycling program and takes active steps to reduce paper, cardboard, and aluminum waste.

Preparing food for thousands of students naturally creates loads of dirty dishes. Conscious of the amount of water and energy required for cleanliness, UVU recently acquired a state-of-the art Hobart Flight Automatic Dishwasher which reduces water consumption by up to 66 percent and energy consumption by 75 percent. This is done through the innovative use of water in the cleaning process. The washer recycles the water used to rinse the soap at the end of the first cycle to rinse dirt at the beginning of the next. Additionally, the steam vapors captured by the booster heater are recycled back through the process again, reducing the need to reheat. To demonstrate their appreciation for UVU's efforts on energy sustainability, Rocky Mountain Power awarded UVU a several thousand dollar credit.

Additionally, Dining Services partners with a local corporation to recycle the used deep fry oil into animal feed. This creates at least one reason to feel good about eating UVU fried food.

Lastly, Dining Services is committed to creating a healthier menu and sustainable eating habits. They are proud to provide healthy choices and safe food handling principals as the core of any food production activity. They are the fuel that keeps the UVU population moving, the stewards of their health, and safeguard the environment. Their work creates an effective synergy with all other departments to promote the UVU principles.