What UVU is Doing: Transportation

As a large commuter school, UVU has taken great action to provide affordable transportation to students and faculty. Through an agreement with UTA (Utah Transit Authority), UVU provides students with UTA passes at a fraction of their normal cost. This pass now includes the FrontRunner train which runs from Ogden to Provo, providing students with a much faster, easier, and environmentally-friendly way to make long commutes. To find out more info about UTA Bus pass, click here.


UVU has joined in a cooperative effort with UTA. The UVU shuttle service was combined with UTA bus transportation. Students can ride UTA buses anywhere, back and forth on the UTA system. Thus eliminating the need for the UVU bus system. Eliminating traffic, pollution and providing more transportation opportunities.

There are two charging stations located on campus for electric vehicles at no cost to the public with the capacity to charge four electric vehicles.  One is in the meter parking lot south of the BA building and the other is by the Facilities Complex building dedicated to UVU fleet vehicles.  The stations offer level 2 charging, up to 240 volts, which is estimated to charge a battery in 3-8 hours.


UVU has also partnered with Enterprise to provide CarShare.  There is one vehicle at the Lakeside visitor lot for rental.