All UVU students, faculty, staff, and their spouses and dependents, receive free Utah Transit Authority (UTA) transit passes. This alleviates traffic congestion, parking issues, and promotes clean air in Utah County. The pass includes UVX, FrontRunner, and UTA buses, providing the UVU community with a much faster, easier, and environmentally friendly way to commute. Visit Campus Connection to learn more about the UVU UTA Transit Pass program and to get passes for your spouse and dependents. Visit UTA at rideuta.com to learn more about routes and schedules.


Biking to and from campus is a great way to cut down on air pollution and congestion, integrate healthy movement, and save money. Another significant benefit is bike parking's proximity to campus destinations. Bike racks are closer to buildings than parking lots are, and finding an open spot is easier.

For more information about bicycle storage and right-of-way on campus walkways, read the Campus Walkways Safety Policy.

Map of campus biking, transit, and public safety resources


Electric Vehicle Charging

15 Electric vehicle charging stations (with a capacity for 29 vehicles) are available across UVU campuses for use by faculty, staff, students, and visitors based upon the following guidelines:

  • Only electric vehicles that are charging are allowed in charging station stalls.
  • Charging is limited to charging station stalls only.
  • The maximum charging limit is three hours, unless otherwise stated. A fee of $2.00 an hour will be charged past the three hour limit.
  • Parking permits are required in permitted areas, unless otherwise stated.
  • Paid parking areas require paying the hourly rate.
  • Citations will be issued for exceeding the time limit and/or not actively charging.
  • Charging cost (as of May 2024):  $0.10 per kWh +7.45% sales tax + 6% municipal energy tax + 12.5% EV charging tax

UVU campus map showing EV charging stations