What UVU is Doing: Grounds Water

WaterUVU is committed to smart water use. The irrigation water used at UVU is not contaminated with harmful chemicals and does not draw from the municipal water system. Instead, UVU receives irrigation water directly from local reservoirs which flows naturally to the university without pumping. This system ensures that culinary water is not used for irrigation, reducing the need for new wells and water treatment systems. This water is stored in two large irrigation ponds (which double as reflection ponds) on the south-west corner of campus. The concrete-lined ponds prevent seepage and waste.

UVU prevents wasting water through a sophisticated weather-activated irrigation system. Sensors on campus automatically detect the temperature, humidity, light, wind, and even evaporation to determine whether there is a need to water the grounds. The automation reduces overwatering or watering during inopportune times. Additionally, much of the watering on campus is done through liquid injection. The slow seepage of water into the grounds prevents waste in the form of evaporation or wet sidewalks and roads. The technology keeps water consumption at the optimum level while not drying out the lawns.