University Relations
Government, Civic & Strategic Relations

The University Relations department manages external relationships for the university, including government and civic affairs, strategic relations, community outreach and corporate partnerships. 

Government Affairs

Stay up to date on UVU’s legislative actions, including budget allocations and adjustments, growth prioritization, and policy updates affecting both the university and higher education in general.

Read up on statistics about UVU’s impact on Utah’s burgeoning economy. See how we provide a skilled work-force and help meet the high-demand of local industries.

Students as of 2021

Volunteer Hours of impact 2021

Three banners that showcase UVU achievements. They are first in Utah for alumni earnings (grad rankings), second in Utah for "best bang for your buck (Washington Monthly), and third in the nation for "best return on investment" (business insider).

Facility Master Plan

Amazing things are on the way for our beloved university. Check out the projections for the future of UVU campus and it's plans for improving the community.

View the progress of the major building plans and the steps that have been taken along the way to ensure that our students, the university, and the surrounding areas are all benefited.

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