University Communications Committee

Internal campus communication tools, such as UVAnnounce, SWAT, and Social Media/Technology Guidelines, are governed by the University Communications Committee.

University Marketing has administrative and editorial control of UVAnnounce messages and their content. Appeals of these editorial decisions can be made to Executive Subcommittee of the University Communications Committee.


Core Action Team Group:

  • Cameron Martin
  • Stephen Whyte
  • Ray Walker


  • DaSheek Akwenye
  • Stephanie Albach
  • Laura Busby
  • Colby Callahan
  • Nathan Gerber
  • Marcy Glassford
  • Bart Jacobs
  • Candida Johnson
  • Justin Jones
  • Shalece Nuttal
  • Alexis Palmer
  • Andrew Stone
  • Jared Sumsion
  • Craig Thulin
  • David Tobler
  • Scott Trotter
  • Kevin Walkenhorst