Smart Cities and Fabrication Lab (SCAFL)

Bringing together businesses, universities, and entrepreneurs to develop software and hardware for smart cities.

The Smart Cities and Fabrication Lab (SCaFL) is a space within the Business Resource Center (BRC) dedicated to helping local businesses, entrepreneurs, university students, and researchers develop the Smart City technologies of the future.

Fabrication Lab

 Fabricate Physical Products,

Hardware, Electronics, 3D Printing


 SCaFL Artificial Intelligence Lab

Create artificial intelligence simulations,

     Big Data, Data Science, AI Inference Training


You bring the Vision.We make it Happen.

SCaFL provides the requisite space, tools, and connectivity for developing innovative hardware and software products that can be deployed in smart cities or other environments.

Mission of SCaFL


Develop, test, and deploy new and innovative, software and/or hardware products in Smart Cities or other environments.


Provide opportunities for hands-on, engaged learning for UVU students.


Enhance the economic development and job creation objectives of UVU’s Business Resource Center.

What is a smart city?

Much like a smart home, a smart city uses technological networks, the internet of things (IoT), and data analysis to increase efficiency in our systems and improve our everyday lives--but on a larger scale.

Smart city technology can improve the quality of city and community operations like public transportation, water, urban mobility, citizen participation, power supply, and much more.

As cities and businesses look to continually adapt to the future, emerging markets that support smart communities offer ample opportunities for technological innovation and economic growth.

Services and Tools

We empower local entrepreneurs to quickly develop new products prior to expending the costs of mass production or manufacturing.

*SCaFL is proud to be a UTOPIA Fiber Innovation Lab. UTOPIA Fiber empowers our innovators to test locally before pushing their Smart City products statewide.

  • 3D Printers
  • UTOPIA Fiber* 10GB connection
  • Equipment for research and development (R&D)
  • Lab Space
  • Fabrication equipment

How to Get Started

Have an idea? Let’s make it a reality. SCaFL clients can pay the staff of the SCaFL to work on their projects, or they can do it themselves*.

STEP 1: Application

Potential clients can apply to the SCaFL on the UVU Business Resource Center Website.

Apply for Services

STEP 2: Consultation

Applicants are invited in for a free consultation. At the initial consultation, the SCaFL determines the scope and feasibility of the project and whether it falls under the mission of the SCaFL.

STEP 3: Proposal

After the initial consultation and if the project fits within the SCaFL mission, SCaFL staff will prepare a development proposal for potential clients, including development milestones, cost and time estimates, feasibility, and what the SCaFL can and cannot do.

STEP 4: Acceptance

After a client receives a proposal from SCaFL, they must decide whether or not to accept or reject the proposal. If the proposal is rejected, no further work is done on the project. If the proposal is accepted, SCaFL commences work on the project.

STEP 5: Commence Work

Once a proposal has been accepted, it is assigned to a project manager and work begins on the project. The project manager oversees the project and is assisted, if necessary, by faculty and staff, including lead developer, assistant developer, and customer relationship management staff.

*Clients must be certified to use the equipment by taking a video training course available in the lab. Clients can also pay a monthly membership fee to use the lab and/or pay for the time and materials used.

Industry Partners

SCaFL has many established industry partners contributing to this exciting new lab.

Utah Valley University (UVU), Utah Open Source (UTOS), UTOPIA Fiber, Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Utah Ignite, US Ignite, Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), Orem City, Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Wovyn, POWDER (Platform for Advanced Wireless Research), Saratoga Springs City, Sandy City, Salt Lake City, several chambers of commerce, et el.