Vision 2030

Vision 2030 Update

With this updated strategic analysis, UVU’s Vision 2030 has been refreshed to recognize recent progress and refine strategic areas for the university.

Vision 2030 captures strategic initiatives derived from UVU’s mission to meet the educational and workforce needs of our service region. The next sections detail our strategic initiatives around three objectives: Include, Engage, and Achieve.

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President’s Message

I am pleased to share with you Utah Valley University’s (UVU) updated Vision 2030, which outlines our approach to meeting the educational and workforce needs of our students and community.
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UVU’s Mission Statement

Utah Valley University is an integrated university and community college that educates every student for success in work and life through engaged teaching, services, and scholarship.

Vision Statement

Utah Valley University will be students’ first choice for accessible, relevant, high-quality education.

Vision 2030 Update

We believe every individual has unlimited potential and deserves the transforming benefits of a high-quality education. Student success is at the heart of UVU’s mission. UVU meets and supports students where they are, welcoming all who seek learning at every level of preparation through individualized, flexible programs and services. 

With one of the most dynamic educational models in the country, UVU and its high-demand graduates make meaningful and lasting contributions to their employers, families, and communities. We accomplish this by providing excellent faculty, flexible learning, holistic support services, and real-world experiences that empower students to reach their personal, academic, and professional goals.

UVU’s goal is Utah’s goal: to provide cost-effective, easily accessible, high-quality education that meets the state’s workforce needs, strengthens the economy, and helps people live productive, dignified, and meaningful lives.

Strategic Analysis

In fall 2021, under the direction of President Astrid S. Tuminez, the University Planning Advisory Committee (UPAC) assessed changes in the external environment and UVU’s position within the higher education landscape to ensure UVU’s continued relevance. This effort set the stage for UVU’s 2022 refresh of Vision 2030.

This strategic analysis revealed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges that should be carefully considered. The following are of particular significance for UVU’s Vision 2030 refresh: 

Utah’s growth and vibrancy

UVU has a long history of organic enrollment growth, which produces its own set of opportunities and challenges. Nationally, college enrollment is declining steeply, though Utah continues to experience modest growth. With one of the top state economies in the nation, the demand for a trained workforce has never been greater. Record-high employment levels tempt prospective students to go directly into the workforce without the benefit of a college degree.

Societal view of higher education

The politicization and perceived diminishing value of higher education are causing prospective students and parents to question the value of college. UVU must continue to demonstrate the significant economic, civic, personal, and societal value of a UVU education.

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Flexible and relevant educational options

More organizations are moving aggressively into the higher education space. Students have more options, including: 

  • Comprehensive delivery of fully online programs
  • On-demand education
  • Targeted, skills-based certifications
  • Credit for knowledge already gained through working and other experience
  • Alternative credentials

To continue attracting and retaining students, UVU must accelerate scalable innovation to provide flexible and responsive educational options.

Return on investment

UVU continues to be one of the nation’s best universities in terms of value. UVU’s low cost of tuition combined with post-graduation earnings give our students the greatest value proposition in the state.

Accelerated innovation

The higher education landscape is changing at a dizzying pace. UVU will sustain and even accelerate innovation to stay relevant and impactful in serving students. 


Strategy #1 – Provide Accessible, Flexible, and Affordable Education in an Environment That is Inclusive for All

Two key components of UVU's mission are:

  1. open admissions with support for all undergraduate students.
  2. UVU’s dual mission, which combines the rigor and richness of a first-rate teaching university with the comprehensive programs of a community college. At the core of these commitments is the idea that everyone who wants to improve their lives should have access to quality education. Today, it is more important than ever that we provide a place where everyone, regardless of their background, identity, or life situation, can attend, feel accepted, and be supported to succeed.

Priority Initiatives

  1. Increase accessibility to and flexibility of education through a coordinated physical and digital presence
  2. Strengthen campus inclusivity and grow the enrollment and completion rate of historically underrepresented students
  3. Sustain our commitment to affordability, value, and return on investment
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Strategy #2 – Strengthen Student Learning and Societal Impact Through:
Collaboration with Community and Industry

UVU stands at the dawn of a transformative era.

To strengthen its reputation as the most accessible, affordable, and relevant higher education institution in the state, UVU cultivates impactful collaborations and partnerships with industry and the community. Learners, instructors, faculty, and staff inspire innovation and contribute to new discoveries.

UVU will meet local and global needs with agility, and will innovate through partnerships with educational institutions, community organizations, and industry networks.

Priority Initiatives

  1. Expand engaged learning and community engagement opportunities for students, faculty, and staff
  2. Enhance engagement with community and industry to meet workforce needs and improve student job- and life-readiness
  3. Strengthen the foundation for ongoing giving, support, and engagement for UVU’s students, programs, and priorities
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Strategy #3 – Enhance Student Success Through:
Improved Recruitment, Retention, and Completion

UVU champions a university experience that empowers students to realize their educational, professional, and personal aspirations, whether this is the completion of a post-secondary credential or preparation for graduate or professional school.

As reflected in UVU’s Completion Plan 3.0, we are reducing barriers to completion in our curricula, administrative processes, and student services while improving academic quality and rigor.

Each of the ACHIEVE priority initiatives supports the institutional goal of reaching a 50% completion rate by 2030.

Priority Initiatives

  1. Increase completion through comprehensively designed, stackable curricula, and appropriate credit for prior learning (CPL)
  2. Support completion through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and creative activities
  3. Improve completion through seamless processes, comprehensive services, and excellent staff
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UVU has a noble mission to help every kind of student succeed. The university empowers students to thrive in a rapidly changing economy and complex world. Vision 2030 captures the strategic initiatives that will guide decision-making and resource allocation at UVU in this decade, enabling us to achieve the best results. We will review this document again at the appropriate time.

Through the collective effort outlined in this document, UVU can continue to take steps toward achieving our vision to be students’ first choice for accessible, relevant, high-quality education. With the help, focus, and resources of UVU’s schools, colleges, divisions, and departments, the university will continue its decades-long legacy of educating Utah’s workforce and helping students lead richer lives.

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