What we do

The Organizational Leadership Department in the Woodbury School of Business offers several innovative programs (face-to-face, hybrid and online) and a wide range of courses that will prepare you to be a game-changing leader for the future of work.

Human Resource Management Program 
Through our Human Resource Management programs, we help our students get the skills, knowledge, and connections they need to succeed in their careers. You'll gain analytical thinking, problem-solving, ethical awareness, oral and written communication skills, and effective teamwork through real-life scenarios in our courses and HR internships. You can also distinguish yourself as an HR expert right out of the gate by earning your aPHR credential from HRCI and expanding your knowledge of HR analytics. You'll leave the program ready to strategically champion HRM at any organization and be an immediate contributor!

Hospitality Management Program 
Our Hospitality Management programs are designed to give students a solid foundation for careers in the hospitality and event planning industries (such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, corporate events, event planning, amusement parks, and cruise ships). You can choose between online or in-class options, and you can specialize in event planning, operations, revenue management, culinary arts, and sales. Additionally, we offer academic and career counseling, course tutoring, internships, and job placement after graduation. We encourage creativity and innovation in our programs. We will provide you with courses and work experiences that will enable you to develop these skills.

Developing Leadership 
Through our courses in Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Business Ethics, we help students from all majors develop the vital skills and competencies necessary to understand and confront the complexities, nuances, challenges, and opportunities facing organizations today and in the future. We'll equip you with the skills and understanding you need to lead the socially conscious, employee-centric, and innovative culture-driven organizations of tomorrow. 





of 2020-2021 WSB Human Resource Management
internships were

paid internships

28% of WSB Hospitality Management internships in 2020-2021 were

First Gen students

of 2020-2021 WSB Hospitality Management interns were

offered employment


of 2020-2021 WSB Human Resource Management internships 70% were

Women students