Department of Strategic Management Learning Outcomes

  1. Goal 1 - Written & Verbal Communication
    • Objective: Graduates will be able to express their knowledge and ideas appropriately in writing and through verbal presentation.
  2. Goal 2 - Critical/Analytical Problem-Solving
    • Objective: Graduates will be able to utilize appropriate procedures, frameworks, models, and experience to gain knowledge, solve problems, and make appropriate decisions based on various informational sources such as data, written and verbal communication, process analysis, and creative thinking.
  3. Goal 3 - Knowledge of Business Discipline
    • Objective: Graduates will have a functional and integrated knowledge of basic general business concepts and disciplines.
  4. Goal 4 - Ethical Understanding
    • Objective: Graduates will be aware of their responsibility to behave ethically in their professional lives (e.g., clients, customers, employers, society, profession, environment, and community).
  5. Goal 5 - Global Perspectives
    • Objective: Graduates will have a global perspective and understand cultural differences.
  6. Goal 6 - Engaged Learning
    • Objective: Graduates will apply business processes to developing solutions for realistic problems both in the classroom and/or the larger community.