WE stands for “Writing Enriched.” Starting in Fall 2021, all new bachelor degree seeking  students will need to pass at least two certified Writing Enriched courses within their major. 

A Writing Enriched course is a disciplinary class that includes not only written assignments but also writing instruction as important components. It is important to note, though, that Writing Enriched does not mean “writing intensive.” The WE initiative is not asking for certified courses to be “writing classes;” instead, writing should be seen as one of several instructional focuses.


Growth and improvement as a writer is a long, slow, and sometimes painful, process. We—faculty, staff, administration—know this because we have experienced it ourselves. In fact, we continue to grow and improve throughout our careers. One of the great benefits of four-year bachelor degrees is actually time, the time for students to learn and practice their writing. We cannot expect students to be expert writers when they enter our classes, no matter what the level. They remain novices throughout their entire educational experiences as they are constantly being challenged with new ideas and new ways of communicating those ideas. We also cannot expect them to be expert communicators upon graduation; we can only attempt to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to continue learning and improving in graduate school or the workplace


In order to continually improve as writers, students need to be explicitly taught to write throughout the entire four-plus years they are attending UVU. Otherwise, their growth becomes stunted and they do not realize just how important written communication will be in their future educations or careers. In fact, one of the benefits of a bachelor-degree education is time—the time for students to grow and develop as skilled writers. We all must share the responsibility for writing instruction as that is the only way students will be prepared for the communication work they will be asked to do in the future.


The Writing Enriched initiative and graduation requirement is based on a Writing in the Disciplines (WID) approach. WID was “developed as a response to the recognition that different disciplines are characterized by distinct ways or writing and knowing. Thus, a specialized conception of disciplinary knowledge is integrated with a specialized conception of writing.[1] ” In other words, what we know and how we communicate what we know are directly connected. Writing and content cannot be separated. Our GE writing classes—ENGH 1005, ENGL 1010 and ENGL 2010—do not, and cannot, teach writing in such ways. Disciplinary writing needs to be taught by members of the discipline.


The WE requirements and application are purposefully broad because writing functions differently in every discipline. Therefore, each department is encouraged to make decisions that make the most sense for students, faculty, and existing courses.


1Carter, Michael. "Ways of Knowing, Doing, and Writing in the Disciplines." College Composition and Communication, Feb. 2007, pp. 385-418. 

Who are WE?

The Writing Enriched Committee is a Faculty Senate committee housed under the University Curriculum Committee. It is made up of representatives from all UVU colleges, one of the Writing Program Administrators from English and Literature, the Faculty Director of the Writing Center, the director of the Office of Teaching and Learning, two Student Council representatives, and a representative from the Curriculum Office.

Current WE Committee Members

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