Thank you for your interest in the Endorsement Program at Utah Valley University. This page will walk you through the steps on how to submit an application.  An FAQ at the end of this page will help answer any questions you may encounter while navigating the application.


Endorsement Application  For students who have never applied or attended UVU

Endorsement Readmit Application For students who attended or applied to UVU more than 2 years ago

Step 1

Select ‘Create Account’ under the Sign In in middle of the screen



Step 2

You will need to fill in all the required fields.


Be sure to check the course registration instructions to verify which semester your endorsement class is scheduled for. Please fill in the required information as you see in the screenshot.


Create a unique password with the following criteria and click create account.


Step 3

Fill out all required sections of the application. 


Endorsement Application Steps






Depending on how you answer the following questions will determine if additional residency questions need to be asked.


If you select Utah it will look like this:




Step 4

After you have submitted your application you will be prompted to pay the application fee. The fee is $35 dollars for new students and $15 dollars for those who have previously applied.



credit card information

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing upon submission. Once your application has been processed you will receive an email with your UVID and instructions on what to do next. 


Q:I attended UVU previously, but it was a while ago. Do I need to reapply?

A: It depends. You will need to submit a specific admission application for the endorsement program. If you were recently admitted as an endorsement student your account stays active for 7 semesters after being admitted or attending courses. Unsure? Email

Q:I submitted my application, but it was for the wrong semester, can that be changed?

A:Yes, we can adjust your semester. Please email

Q:I keep trying to submit my application, but whenever I do a red box pops up at top letting me know there are unanswered fields. How do I know where that questions is, to go back to?

A:Click on the hyper link next to the indicated missing field. The link will take you to the right place.

error on the page

Q:I have a UVID number, but it is from over 6 years ago, do I need to create an admissions application account?

A:Yes, we updated our application system in 2015. You will need to create an account and sign in, your account will be connected to your previous UVID number during processing.

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